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Preparing Your Wall For A Wallpaper Mural

Prior to hanging your mural, proper wall preparation is the key to getting great results. It can also ensure the best outcome for future removal.

Basic steps for wall preparation

  1. Remove old wall covering
  2. Remove flaking paint
  3. Repair any defects in the wall surface; patch nail holes
  4. Remove picture hooks, light fixtures, switch plates & outlet plates
  5. Remove old paste, grease and dirt with a warm, mild detergent solution; rinse well
  6. Paint wall if necessary:

The best wall surface when installing a Vinyl, Canvas or Eco Bella™ mural is a wall painted with two coats of flat latex paint or primer. Allow 72 hours for the paint or primer to cure before installing your mural.

The best wall surface when installing a SmartStick® mural is a wall painted with two coats of a satin or semi-gloss paint. Allow 7-10 days for the paint to cure before installing your mural. Do not install SmartStick® on a wall with flat paint or primer.

If you have questions about preparing walls for installation, call a design consultant with Murals Your Way at 1-888-558-0279 or email us.

Special Notes

Never install your mural on cinder block, paneling, heavy textured walls (such as "knock down" (on the right, below)) or a slick wall surface without properly prepping the wall to be "mural ready."

Avoid installing your mural to raw sheetrock or concrete. You can apply Vinyl, Canvas and Eco Bella™ wall murals to a concrete wall, however you will need to install a wallpaper liner and apply a coat of flat paint prior to installing your mural.

Vinyl, Canvas and Eco Bella™

Due to the thickness of our Vinyl, Canvas and Eco Bella™, it can be installed over an "orange peel" (on the left, below) textured wall.

Acceptable texture
Unacceptable texture

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