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Unique Techniques: Framed Murals

So often, our clients impress us with their ingenuity. When it comes to installing and displaying our wall murals, we see so many different approaches! We've had heaps of photos sent to us from clients that have added a frame to the mural to create large pieces of art... or trim the mural into multiple sections creating paned artwork and triptychs. The paned artwork is a great way to use a mural to solve a problem (like a boring construction wall or big empty space).

We love a clever project, and couldn't help but share these installations!

More Unique Techniques Shop All Murals Before and after of a construction zone in a retail space

Construction zones in retail or commercial spaces don't have to be an eyesore. Turn it into an opportunity for a beautiful scene or custom & branded message.

Framed Mural
Office Panel Mural

Break up a big white wall with an interesting art installation. This client took one of our murals and sliced it into 15 frames!

Add some interest to office panels or cubicle dividers. Our murals are great for adding a little privacy.

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