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Unique Technique: Perspective Play

Invented by Renaissance artists and mathematicians, the use of perspective is an easy way to create the impression that a wall goes beyond its material surface. While it may seem simple, the use of perspective can extend a space beyond its visual boundaries and play tricks on the eyes!

We couldn't keep the magic to ourselves... we've rounded up the best wall mural illusions we could find. Can you tell where the mural begins and the wall ends?

Designer: www.yanamlynash.com | Photo courtesy of www.designspaces.co
More Unique Techniques City Skyline Mural

This automotive showroom had a custom-built Brooklyn Bridge that continues into the city skyline.

Cycling Room at a Fitness Center

Send your spin clients zooming down a scenic road in the mountains while they get their hearts pumping.

Tuscan Sidewalk

What you thought was just a basement in this home is actually a secret passage to a vineyard in the Tuscan countryside.

Forest Path Mural

This customer totally decked out her children's bedroom, letting them play in a tropical jungle!

More Unique Techniques


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