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Create A Collage Mural From Your Photos

Murals Your Way is pleased to offer our customers the option of creating a custom collage wall mural. Our customers need to provide their own photographs or artwork for the collage via Dropbox (see instructions below).

The collages can be done in color or black and white. Typical Graphics charges range from $200 to $1,000 depending on the complexity of the mural and which option you select. In order to make this project clear and easy to navigate, we offer four options

Option #1: Grid Format Collage Mural

Grid Format Collage Mural With Pictures Of People In A Grid

Option #2: Various Sizes Of Photos Collage Mural

Example of Option 2 Photo Collage With Pictures Of Various Sizes

Option #3: Scattered Collage Mural

Example Of Collage Design With Scattered Photos

Option #4: Fully Customized Collage Mural

Collage Mural Examples

Murals Your Way has worked with numerous customers to create unique collage wall murals. Here are some examples:

On the left, a customer created a wall mural using different car designs from over the years. On the right, a museum created a collage of Vintage Postcards.

Car Design Collage Wall Mural
Vintage Postcard Collage Wall Mural

On the left, a company wanted a wall mural that combined their history, their products and their values to display in a hallway. On the right, the City of Milpitas, CA wanted a collage wall mural to honor members of the department and community.

Company History And Product Collage Wall Mural
Collage Wall Mural For Milpitas Police Department

On the left, a family wanted to display a collection of black and white photos that would be indestructible. A collage of family photos was the perfect alternative to framed art. On the right, Gustine High School created a historical timeline collage to celebrate their 100+ years of history.

Family Photos Collage Wall Mural
High School Time Line And History Collage Wall Mural

Getting Started With Your Custom Collage Mural

Step 1: Free Consultation
Please contact one of our Murals Your Way Account Managers to discuss the project and create a scope of work. This step is free of charge.

Step 2: Firm Estimate For Your Custom Collage Mural
We will provide you, the customer, with a proposal that includes budget and timing. This proposal is a firm estimate.

Step 3: Approval To Proceed
If you decide to move forward with the project, please sign the proposal, pay for the graphics fees. Work on your project begins once we have a signed agreement and fees have been paid.

Step 4: Up To 3 Rounds of Creative Review And Modifications on Your Collage Mural
As part of our Collage Program, we offer three rounds of graphics work as follows:

  1. Please submit your photos in a numbered format as explained above (except Option 4). One of our Murals Your Way Design Team members will then lay out a draft of the collage and email it back to you for feedback. Depending on the complexity of the collage, the first proof typically takes 3-4 days. At this point, you either sign off on the collage as final or request changes.

  2. If you would like changes to the layout, please provide Murals Your Way with direction on position changes or other edits. Murals Your Way executes those changes and emails back a revised version for your feedback. At this point, you either sign off on the collage as final or request changes.

  3. Please provide Murals Your Way with final direction on position changes or other edits. Murals Your Way executes those changes and emails back a revised version for final sign-off.

  4. Additional Changes: Any additional changes beyond the three rounds included are charged at $75 per hour for additional time spent by a design team member. If the scope of work changes (i.e. you decide to add more photos or change layout direction or design), then you and the Account Manager will agree on steps forward before any charges beyond the proposal amount are incurred.

Submit Photos with Numbered Labels: For Options 1-3 above, we require that you submit the photographs or artwork for the collage in a numbered format that provides direction on layout. These are the numbers shown above with letter indicating column (A, B, C, etc.) and number indicating row (1, 2, 3, etc.) and the combination indicating position (A1, A2, B1, B2, etc.)

Other Considerations: If you would like words (i.e. text on your mural) or borders, please let your Account Manager know that up front so that it can be planned into the graphics estimate.

Step 5: Final Approval, Production And Shipping Of Your Custom Collage Mural
You approve the final layout. At this time, you pay for the printed mural. Once that payment is received, the mural is printed, packed, and shipped to you.

Instructions for Submitting Your Photographs/Artwork For A Collage Wall Mural

Your Account Manager will provide a link to the Murals Your Way Dropbox folder. Simply follow the link they send, create a free account, and upload your files. Please number all images in accordance with the desired layout.

We Are Here To Help

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