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Prepasted Wallpaper

Prepasted Wallpaper is a high performance, Class A, PVC free and environmentally friendly wall covering containing 10% post-consumer material. With its water activated adhesive backing system, it is as easy to install as it is to remove. Prepasted Wallpaper provides excellent print-ability with a smooth matte finish for both commercial and residential applications. Gracefully understated, it is current yet timeless.

  • An eco-friendly wall covering containing 10% post-consumer material.
  • Type I 10 mil / 225 gsm commercial grade wall covering
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Features a smooth texture and matte finish
  • Water activated adhesive backing
  • Printed with 20 year indoor fade resistant ink
  • Supports LEED credit certification of green building applications

Prepasted Wallpaper Q & A

Are Prepasted Wallpaper murals pre-pasted?
Yes, using a wallpaper hand sprayer or household spray bottle, simply spray water to the backing to activate the paste.

Can I use Prepasted Wallpaper on textured walls?
We do not recommend using Prepasted Wallpaper on heavily textured walls. However, orange peel or lightly textured walls are okay. For best results, apply Prepasted Wallpaper to smooth walls.

Can I use Prepasted Wallpaper outdoors? *
Prepasted Wallpaper is NOT recommended for outdoor use.

Can I use Prepasted Wallpaper in high traffic areas or kids' rooms? *
Yes, Prepasted wallpaper is durable enough for use in high traffic areas and kid’s rooms.

Can I use Prepasted Wallpaper in damp or humid locations? *
You can use Prepasted wallpaper in damp/humid locations. A protective top coat is recommended.

How do I clean Prepasted Wallpaper murals?
Ordinary dirt spots may be removed with a mild soap and warm water. Clean from the bottom of the wall upward to protect the baseboard and prevent streaking. Rinse thoroughly with clean water from the top down using a sponge. Blot wall covering dry with a soft, lint-free towel. Do not scrub harshly as it may discolor the wall covering.

Will Prepasted Wallpaper murals damage my wall when I remove them?
If the wall prior to installation is prepped correctly according to the Installation Procedure, the removal of Prepasted Wallpaper will not damage the wall. For easy removal, spray the surface with water to allow paste adhesive to relax. Start from the top and pull down at a 45 degree angle. Spray with more water if necessary. Prepasted Wallpaper may leave a water soluble glue residue that can be removed with a wet sponge.

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