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Eco-Friendly Wall Murals For Sustainable Decorating

By: Ahroon Y., Becca O.
June 4, 2024

In the dynamic world of interior design, wall murals have emerged as a powerful way to transform spaces. But did you know that you can make an impactful statement with your wall decor, while reducing your environmental impact? Let's delve into the realm of environmentally conscious wallpapers and explore how to decorate beautifully and responsibly.

~ Use eco-friendly materials to make a sustainable statement that's safe for the planet

The Rise of Sustainable Wall Coverings

As eco-consciousness in design grows, so too does the demand for eco conscious decor and renewable materials. In response, manufacturers are offering a wider selection of wall coverings that are both beautiful and eco-friendly. This trend towards "green design," is becoming increasingly popular and important in home decor and business design. Let’s explore a few of the “green” materials that are appearing in wallpaper and wall mural materials today.

PVC-Free Wallpapers

Traditional vinyl wallpapers are often made with PVC, which contains chemicals that are harmful to human health and the environment. Enter PVC-free wallpapers, crafted from safer, eco-friendly materials such as Olefin. These wallpapers ensure that your business or living space remains free of harmful chemicals, while contributing to a greener planet.

~ Prioritize non toxic wallpaper and murals in your business or living space with PVC free wallpaper

Murals Your Way Adds EnviroPro-Texture To Their Eco-Friendly Line Up

Leading the charge in sustainable wall coverings is Murals Your Way with their innovative EnviroPro-Texture mural material. This vinyl-free material offers all the benefits of traditional vinyl - like durability and flexibility, without the environmental drawbacks. Designed with Low VOC emissions, this Phthalate-free option includes:

  • 2-Ply fabric backing
  • No PVC, plasticizers, phthalates, formaldehyde, chlorine, halogen, heavy metals, ozone-depleting chemicals, or harmful off-gassing
  • Prop 65 compliant

~These unprinted and printed swatches shows the slight texture of EnviroPro - Texture

Recycled Content Wallpaper Murals

A popular and eco-friendly choice for wall murals are those made with post-consumer recycled materials. Adding post-consumer content in the manufacturing process reduced both landfill waste and the need for virgin materials. Recycled wallpapers offer a sustainable solution without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.

Exotic tropical flower and leaves pattern mural in a modern bathroom

~ Reduce waste and give new life to old materials with recycled wallpapers

Murals Your Way offers two materials that are both eco-friendly and manufactured with post-consumer recycled content.

Prepasted Wallpaper

For those seeking the highest quality without compromising on sustainability, Murals Your Way's Prepasted Wallpaper provides an excellent solution. With 10% post-consumer content and being PVC-free, this wallpaper requires no additional paste, making installation a breeze.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • 10% post-consumer recycled content
  • Durable and high print quality
  • PVC-free and eco-friendly
  • Ideal for DIY projects

EcoBella Texture

Another standout wallpaper material from Murals Your Way is EcoBella - Texture, boasting 31% post-consumer recycled content. This material contains no PVC, lead, plasticizers, or heavy metals. Its durable woven backing ensures longevity, making it ideal for commercial uses and high-traffic areas.

  • High percentage of recycled content
  • Extremely durable
  • Suitable for areas with heavy foot traffic
  • Durable woven poly-cotton Osnaburg backing

Sustainable UV Gel Ink Printing

With eco-conscious wall murals, the inks used for printing are just as important as the substrates. Murals Your Way's UV gel inks meet GREENGUARD GOLD standards, certified by leading safety and certification company, UL Environment. This certification ensures the inks meet stringent standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for indoor environments. This contributes to a healthier indoor environment for your home or business, especially important for those with sensitivities.


  • Meets stringent safety standards
  • Reduced VOC Emissions
  • Acceptable for use in schools and healthcare facilities

~ Our UV gel inks meet strict safety standards for indoor use around sensitive individuals like children and the elderly

Building Trust with Eco-Conscious Brands

Choosing environmentally friendly wallpaper goes beyond aesthetics; it reflects a commitment to sustainability. Companies like Murals Your Way are leading the way with wall murals that are both beautiful yet eco-conscious. Their high-quality, eco-friendly options ensure you don't have to sacrifice style or durability for a greener choice.

Customer Testimonial:
"I was thrilled to find a beautiful wall mural made from recycled materials. It transformed my living room and I feel great knowing I made an eco-friendly choice!" – Sarah K.

~ Eco-friendly materials are safer for the planet, as well as for you and your loved ones!

Final Thoughts

Making the switch to eco-friendly wall murals is not just a trend; it's a movement towards a more sustainable future. By opting for materials like EnviroPro-Texture, EcoBella Texture, and Prepasted Wallpaper, you can play a part in protecting the environment while enjoying beautiful, transformative wallpaper designs.

Ready to go green with your interior decor? Explore Murals Your Way's range of eco-friendly wallpapers and start your journey towards a sustainable and stylish home today!

To get started, contact us or call 888-558-0279 to get in touch with our customer service team today.

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