SmartStick® - Peel & Stick Removable Wallpaper

Smartstick® removable wallcovering is an excellent choice for apartment dwellers, trade show applications, corporate sales promotions, and for anyone who likes to change decor frequently. Smartstick® will adhere to primed and painted drywall, does not require paste and can be removed easily without damage. Installation is very easy — just peel, position and stick.

Smartstick has a smooth, matte finish and made with 31% post consumer content. DIY and environmentally friendly. For smooth, non textured walls only.

A visual guide for the best wall surfaces for peel and stick wallpaper
  • Sustainable - 31% post consumer content.
  • Easy on and easy off! Peel and stick wall covering
  • 11 mil vinyl
  • Type I 15 oz. commercial wallcovering (20.5 oz. with liner)
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Features a smooth texture and slight sheen
  • Adhesive backed with paper liner
  • Does not required paste
  • Printed with 20 year indoor fade resistant ink
  • Phthalate-free

Smartstick® Q & A

Can I use Smartstick® on textured walls?
No, SmartStick® is only recommended for smooth walls. Eco Bella™ and Canvas are better options for textured walls.

Can I use SmartStick® outdoors?
SmartStick® is NOT recommended for outdoor use.

Can I use SmartStick in high traffic areas or kids' rooms?
SmartStick® is NOT recommended for use in high traffic areas or in kids' rooms. SmartStick® should not be used above cribs.

Can I use SmartStick in damp or humid locations?
SmartStick® is NOT recommended for use in damp or humid locations.

How well does it stick?
Our SmartStick® material sticks very well when the installation instructions are followed completely. That includes installing on a smooth surface, properly cleaning and preparing the wall, and others.

Can I use your murals on glass or mirrored closet doors?
Our SmartStick® is a great option for glass, because it does not require paste, which would show on the 'back' side of a mural. It also works well for mirrors or glass because SmartStick® requires a smooth surface for the adhesive backing to adhere to.

How do I clean SmartStick® murals?
You can wash your mural with a damp sponge and mild soap. Your wallcovering may discolor if scrubbed too harshly or if exposed to chemical liquids for deep cleaning.

Can I remove and reinstall a SmartStick® mural?
Although some have had good luck with removing and reinstalling a SmartStick® mural, we do not guarantee that it will work. Many factors can impact the effectiveness of the adhesive, like dust or debris, damage during transport, fresh paint behind the mural in the new location, and others. We only recommend SmartStick® as a single installation.

Will SmartStick® murals damage my wall when I remove them?
When installation instructions for wall preparation and removal instructions are properly followed, a mural should not damage the wall from which it is removed.

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