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Pattern Wallpaper Adds Interest and Style to Any Space

With the huge variety of wall mural patterns available, you'll find pattern wallpapers for any room of your home or business. Infuse elegance into a den with a vintage damask wallpaper pattern, or brighten up a living room with a floral wallpaper. Playful patterns like stripe wall murals, polka dot wallpapers, and animal print patterns are perfect for adding charm to children's rooms.

Subtle or bold, there's a pattern mural to suit any interior style. Place a subtle pattern on all four walls, or create a bold patterned accent wall for an eye-catching option. Find a wallpaper mural pattern that matches the style of your room but not the colors? Using our color-matching services, the colors of any pattern can be altered to perfectly match your room’s color palette.

How to Use Pattern Wallpaper Murals

Whether you wish to make an eclectic statement or complement to your existing decor, wallpaper patterns are a perfect design accent. Pattern wall murals allow you to unlock new creative possibilities and infuse your space with a delightful sense of personality.

Discover the transformative power of scalable pattern wallpapers, allowing you to manipulate the perception of your space. For a large and open room, scaling up a pattern repeat can create a cozier atmosphere. In smaller spaces, opting for a smaller pattern repeat is a perfect way to avoid overwhelming your walls. Our selection contains scalable patterns of the highest quality, maintaining detail and clarity at any size.

Using patterned wall murals as a backdrop to your decor lets you establish the atmosphere of your home or business. With modern and vintage wallpapers from floral wall murals to geometric prints, a pattern can be the foundation for space. Here are some great ways to decorate with pattern wallpapers:

Looking for even more ideas for pattern wall murals? Our Inspiration Center has articles, idea books, customer examples, and other free resources to inspire your wall mural project.

Peel-and-Stick Pattern Wallpaper

Whether you're looking for temporary or permanent wall decor, peel and stick wall murals are an easy solution. With simple DIY application, peel-and-stick wallpaper murals makes it effortless to infuse personality, color and pattern into any space.

While all of our materials are removable, our SmartStick® self-stick wallpaper is especially easy to use and remove. To add a patterned removable wallpaper mural to your space, simply peel, position and stick — no mess and no damage! Removal is just as easy and the stick-on wallpaper comes down effortlessly.

Patterned Removable Wall Murals for Rentals and Temporary Installations

Just because you live in an apartment or rental doesn’t mean you can’t give your walls some style. Convenient and user-friendly, removable wallpaper lets renters and apartment dwellers enjoy the pattern backgrounds they love. Because stick-on wallpaper leaves no damage to paint or walls, your landlord won’t even know it was there.

Do you have ever-changing interior tastes? Temporary wallpaper lets you switch up your wall decor when a new style catches your fancy. Get on the latest wallpaper trends with an oversized tropical leaf pattern removable wallpaper or a vintage William Morris Inspired wallpaper.

More Ways to Shop Pattern Wallpaper Murals

Having trouble finding the wallpaper pattern you had in mind? You can personalize any of our designs or use our Create Your Own custom wallpaper to produce a custom wallpaper pattern. Our patterned murals are also custom printed on your choice of high quality commercial-grade materials. For a mural with depth, browse our texture background wall murals or select a textured material like Eco Bella or Vinyl HD.

Our custom pattern murals are priced by square footage, and sized to fit the dimensions of your walls. That, along with free shipping in the contiguous U.S., makes it affordable to enjoy creative patterned wallpaper in your space. For help getting started, feel free to reach out to an Account Manager. Contact us or give us a call at 888-558-0279.

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