Video Testimonials

Sarah Edwards

Mural: Chinoiserie Flowers And Birds

Sarah Edwards creates authentic connections rooted in values and offers a variety of services including marketing, social media, influencer relations, content production, and events. Sarah talks about her experience working with Murals Your Way and using removable wallpaper in her WeWork Minneapolis office space.

Vanessa Price


Vanessa Price has worked for NBC, HGTV and DIY network as and Art Director and Producer for numerous projects, most recently Texas Flip & Move. She has used Murals Your Way for dozens of projects.

Melanie Gaboriault

Mural: Create Your Own

Melanie Gaboriault has been an aficionado of design since she was a child. She was the only kid who saw the charm and character in an old home, or appreciated the burst of color a fabric table cloth would add to a bedside table. So in essence, she's been designing spaces all her life. She currently focuses her design efforts on residential spaces in the Vancouver, BC area where she's known for telling a client's story through design.

Nancy Hadley

Mural: Wave And Pier, California

Born the youngest of six children, Nancy Hadley learned from a very early age that a big chaotic family is a great place to grow creativity. From the time she could hold a crayon, Nancy expressed herself through art. She was a full-time scenic artist/muralist a position that would eventually lead to becoming art director of the Emmy Award winning series Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. She also Art Directed on Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares" and on-camera designer for TLC's signature design series "Trading Spaces." Nancy has most recently been seen on NBC's American Dream Builders. Currently, Nancy's interior design company tackles both commercial and private design projects when she is not working in Production Design for television.

Jonathan Fong

Mural: Create Your Own

Jonathan Fong designs interiors, floral, crafts and events. He also loves teaching people how to create things themselves through his web series called Style with a Smile as well as how-to books including Walls that Wow. He has contributed craft and decorating projects for Disney at and is a regular contributor to eHow.

Kelli Kaufer

Mural: Removable Wallpaper

Kelli is a highly regarded designer in the television industry, with over 300 room makeovers for top design shows in the television industry seen world wide. Kelli's ideas are design and trend forward. She is constantly researching product and product development as well as styling the remodel for the final 'money shot'.

Carrie Drosnes

Mural: Create Your Own

After graduating from The New York School of Interior Design, and working for two interior design firms in New York City and Toronto, she embarked on an enriching few years designing homes, hotels and various other spaces for a variety of successful television shows, including "The Nate Berkus Show" and Travel Channel's "Hotel Impossible."

Carrie believes in ease, natural beauty and the remarkable power that even the smallest change in your home, or work space, can have in your life. She believes everyone can have a space that they feel comfortable in, proud of and that represents who they are.

To see the mural featured in this testimonial visit The Bridges Restaurant in the very popular and artsy area of Dumbo in Brooklyn, New York.

Kyle Spivey

Mural: Create Your Own

Kyle Spivey is a Hollywood-based designer with a passion for timeless modern style. He was discovered by ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" in 2008 where he helped design more than 50 state-of-the-art homes for the Emmy Award-winning television show. Additionally, he served as Art Director for design programs on NBC and HGTV, and contributed his creative vision to shows on FOX and Lifetime. Kyle brings his eye for style and attention to detail to every step of the design process- from conceptualization and construction to project consulting and management. He believes that your environment should enhance your energy, promote productivity, and provide pleasure.

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