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Removable Wallpaper

In recent years, improvements to wallcoverings and wallpaper paste have revolutionized wall décor. Gone are the days of worrying that wallpaper will be difficult to remove or – even worse – damage the wall underneath. At Murals Your Way, all of our wallcovering materials are removable when installed properly, but how they’re installed will affect the method for removing them.

SmartStick® Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Whether you’re a commitment-phobe or have ever-changing tastes, removable wallpaper is the answer for boring walls. Simply peel and stick – no glue, no mess, and no damage! Convenient and user-friendly, temporary wallpaper lets you dip your toe in the latest design trends, and then change it up again when a new trend arises. No matter which design you choose, peel and stick wall mural wallpaper is a fashionable way to transform your space.

Our SmartStick® material is a self-stick wallpaper that’s easy and convenient to install. Just peel, position, and stick – no glue required! Removal is just as easy and the stick-on wallpaper comes down effortlessly. Best of all, it leaves absolutely no damage to paint or walls. So, when it’s time to move or remodel, you can rest assured your walls underneath are in good condition. Additionally, SmartStick® is PVC-free and Class A Fire-rated, allowing it to be used in both residential and commercial applications.

Removing SmartStick®
Carefully peel the panels off the wall at a 45-degree angle, from top to bottom.

Other Easy-to-Remove Wallpaper Materials

While all of our wallcovering materials are removable, there are two aside from SmartStick that are especially easy to remove.

Our Frosted Window Film material works similarly to SmartStick – simply peel off the liner, apply water to the window film as directed, apply to the window or other glass or plexiglass surface, and squeegee off the excess liquid. The micro-adhesion suction technology of our Frosted Window Film means that this material does not use adhesive. Additionally, the window film is repositionable as well as removable – just apply water to release the window film from the surface.

Removing Frosted Window Film
While removing Frosted Window Film, do not bend back the corners. Apply at least 3” to 4” of Scotch Tape onto any corner of the printed piece. Pull the extended tape to lift the material from the surface (see image). This will eliminate any bending of corners. If a crease or bend is created, you can try bending the material in the opposite direction to flatten. If you plan to reuse the material, be sure to roll the product in whichever way will be towards the surface it is being applied to.

Although our Prepasted Wallpaper material does use paste, the adhesive comes pre-applied to the material’s backing. This wallcovering is water-activated, similarly to our Frosted Window Film, making it easy to install and remove with the addition of water.

Removing Prepasted Wallpaper

Saturate the wallpaper and let relax for 2 minutes—this allows the adhesive to activate for easy removal. Pull each panel down from top to bottom at a 45-degree angle. Once the entire mural is removed, wipe off any paste residue left on the walls with a clean, damp sponge or towel.

Temporary Wallpaper Is Perfect for Rentals and Apartments

Just because you can’t make permanent changes to an apartment or rental, it doesn’t mean you can’t give your space some oomph. Removable wallpaper lets renters and apartment dwellers get in on the wallpaper craze. Because stick-on wallpaper leaves no damage to paint or walls, your landlord won’t even know it was ever there. Glam up your space with popular removable peel and stick marble wallpaper or go bold with oversized floral removable wallpaper.

Many Businesses Use Temporary Wallpaper Too

Temporary wallpaper is also ideal for trade shows, displays, exhibits, or spaces needing a quick refresh. You can even personalize your self-stick wallpaper with a logo or branding. It’s a sure way to make a big impression that lasts long after the event is over.

removable wallpaper murals at event
removable wallpaper murals in business spaces

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We offer thousands of wall murals and wallpaper perfect for any space or use. From beautiful, tropical beaches and cute, cuddly animals to your favorite golf courses and starry night skies, we have the perfect wall mural for you. Get started on your project today.