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Decorating with Church Wall Murals, Cathedral Scenes, and Mosque Wallpapers

Create a sense of warmth and tranquility within your space using one of our carefully selected church, cathedral, or mosque wallpaper murals. Whether you prefer the hand-painted style of our inspiration mural wallpaper, with its depiction of a charming American colonial chapel, or the vivid aerial photography of our Notre Dame wall mural, we have the perfect mural of religious architecture for your next project.

Unique Ways to Use Church and Cathedral Wall Murals

Looking for other cleaver ways to incorporate the grandeur and beauty of religious architecture in your space? Consider adding an iconic fresco to your ceiling with our Sistine Chapel Ceiling wall mural, or mimicking the towering heights of a gothic cathedral with our colorful St. Mary’s Cathedral, Poland wallpaper mural.

More Ways to Shop Religious and Spiritual Architecture Murals

If you love the ornate architecture of religious buildings, be sure to also explore our Historic Castle wall murals. Prefer a more contemporary touch? Our European City wall murals often include the spires and towers of traditional churches and cathedrals tucked amongst the modern-day skyline. If, on the other hand, spirituality and tranquility are what you’re seeking, our Temple murals contains breathtaking views from temples around the world.

Feeling inspired by a recent vacation or want to use your own photographs to create the perfect architectural wallpaper mural? Our Create Your Own custom wall mural option makes it easier than ever to turn your own designs into the mural of your dream.

Still need some help finding the right architectural wallpaper mural for your next project? We’d love to help! Contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 to speak with an Account Manager.

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