Pop Art Wall Murals and Pop Art Wallpaper Murals

Introduce glamour and a punch of color to your décor with pop art wallpaper murals. The 1950s art movement popularized by artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein drew inspiration from popular and mass culture. Iconic celebrities and everyday objects were given the instantly recognizable pop-art treatment, which often featured heavy black lines and bright primary colors.

While most of us can’t afford an original Warhol, pop art wallpaper murals are an easy way to incorporate the style into your space. Our curated collection of pop art wall murals includes a variety of bold and vibrant designs inspired by famous styles and artists as well as drawing inspiration from contemporary artists adopting the pop art style as their own.

Pop Art Decor Ideas

Pop art wall murals create a modern and colorful look in both homes and businesses. A magnified part of a cartoon, like the Why Girl wallpaper mural, adds an expressive touch to a space. The evocative sounds effects like “Smack!” and “Zzz…” in our Comic Book Dialogue mural wallpaper perfectly matches the energy of a busy social setting like a crowded arcade-themed bar or a modern living room. The halftone dots and bold colors of our Kiss Me Now wall mural draws inspiration from the artistic approaches of Warhol and Lichtenstein, making it a great focal point for a trendy space like a retro salon or chic café. Whichever pop art wallpaper mural you choose, it will create a design statement that will grab attention.

For more bold, artistic wall murals, be sure to explore our other collections of Art and Graphics wallpaper. From stylish contemporary designs like face line art patterns to bright abstract art murals, find the perfect art wallpaper to suit your style. You can also shop by artist or check out our Fine Art collections for an assortment of iconic images by some of the world’s premiere artists.

Did you have a specific pop art mural design in mind that you haven’t been able to find on our website? Don’t forget you can always Create Your Own custom pop art wallpaper. For help getting started or to connect with an Account Manager, you can contact us or call us at 888.558.0279.

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