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Be Expressive with Face Line Drawing Wallpaper

Line face art, which is a form of contour drawing, takes what was once solely a technical foundation and turns it into a playful art form. Pablo Picasso was the first artist to separate the elements of a face and rearrange its component parts in a new and intriguing way. Since then, it’s no wonder artists have continued to play with lips, noses, eyes and other facial elements arranged on a 2D plane.

From high-fashion fabric patterns and ornate statement jewelry to interior décor trends, artists and creative visionaries use the face motif to craft simple yet sophisticated abstract line art face designs. These murals take one face outline drawing or several and use it to add a unique style to any room.

How to Decorate with Face Line Art Wallpaper Patterns

Line art wallpaper lends any space a creative aspect through the pattern’s hand-drawn appearance. Loosely drawn line art face patterns are an easy way to enhance a space and bring a touch of beauty to your walls. From simple face outlines using one continuous line to colorful and crowded face patterns, our collection of face line art wallpaper murals gives you many styles and looks to choose from. Create a social environment in a café or common area with the diverse faces in our Abstract Face Drawing Pattern wallpaper, or create a sense of freehanded spontaneity with our Faces Doodle Pattern wallpaper.

Here are some of the specific ways a line-drawing face mural can change up a space in your home or business:

Make Your Own Face Line Art Mural Wallpaper

Our Create Your Own wall mural option gives you the chance to really let your creative side shine. If you’ve been trying your hand and drawing your own one-line portraits, this is the perfect opportunity to think outside the frame and fill your walls with your own art.

Whether you create a continuous line art pattern or compile individual doodles of your family or friends to create a wallpaper mural design, we can help you turn your drawings into a full-wall mural. Memorialize your child’s artwork, or adapt your artistic friend’s design into a mural to add a personal touch to your home. Our expert graphics team is ready to help you refine your idea, craft your pattern, and help you create your own one-of-a-kind line art wallpaper face pattern. Complicated jobs don’t scare us — we’ve been printing custom murals for over 40 years.

You also can customize any line art wallpaper drawing you see here. Crop out sections to change the orientation, add a company logo for a business installation or flip the image 180 degrees. Some wall murals like our Je t-Aime Line Art Portrait Wallpaper have different pattern repeat options — choose no repeats for a small mural or multiple repeats to take advantage of large walls in event centers or studios. They can be printed on a variety of high-quality commercial materials that are easy to install.

More Ways to Shop Art & Graphics Wallpaper

If you are a fan of our face line art wallpaper mural collection, be sure to explore our other Art & Graphics wallpapers. Keep things modern with the bright colors and bold liens of Pop Art wall murals, or think outside of the box with a freely scribed Abstract pattern wallpaper or wall mural. If you are looking for more modern hand-drawn line pattern wallpaper designs, our collection of Stripes & Lines wallpaper murals is also a great place to look for everything from simple doodles to elaborate scribbles.

If you’re having trouble finding the right mural wallpaper for the project you had in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 to speak with an Account Manager.

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