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How to Decorate with Bright Colored Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a bold effect, you’re in the right place. Our brightly colored wallpapers and wall murals are instant attention-grabbers, perfect for daring statement walls and eclectic design styles.

Other Ways to Incorporate Bright Pops of Color

Pop art is known for it’s simplified, cartoonish style and bright blocks of color. From classic comic pop art wallpaper inspired by artists like Roy Lichtenstein to modern pop art wallpaper by artists like Adam Turman, use pop art murals and wallpaper to add a contemporary touch to homes and businesses alike.

Install a retro pop art wallpaper like our Why Girl in a salon or boutique as an eye-catching statement piece. Decorate a kitchen with an irreverent Death by Calories donut mural by designer David Bromstad. Add an easy-to-remove peel and stick pop art wallpaper to an apartment bedroom or living room. Whichever style of pop art you prefer, exploring our bright colored wallpaper collection is a great way to get started. Looking for even more inspiration? Check out our Art & Graphics and Fine Art collections for even more wall mural ideas.

Not finding what you had in mind quite yet? We’re here to help! Design your own brightly colored wall mural or wallpaper using our Create Your Own feature, or contact us today to speak with an account manager. You can also call us at 888.558.0279.

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