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Rows Of Lavender Wall Mural

Refresh and rejuvenate any space with a stunningly gorgeous flower wallpaper and floral wall mural. Explore our carefully curated flower wallpaper category to find a flower mural to match any space and style. Enjoy a scenic landscape overrun with colorful wildflowers, or use a macro flower photograph of an orchid to create a highly textured and detailed accent wall. Shop floral wallpaper styles including vintage, black and white, watercolor, patterns, and peel and stick wallpapers. Decorate your home or business with a beautiful bouquet that will never wilt with the perennial style of a flower wall mural.

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The Perennial Style of Flowers

Flowers and floral motifs are a timeless décor staple that have been reinvented over the ages but never seem to go out of style. Introduce a breath of fresh air into any room with a flower wallpaper mural that accentuates your space and adds a new and colorful dimension to your walls. Whether you’re looking for the classic beauty of a vintage floral wallpaper or a fresh, modern take on the motif, we have floral murals and flower wallpapers to suit all styles.

Decorating With Floral Wall Murals

As one of the earliest design motifs for wallpaper, flowers have decorated the walls of homes throughout the ages. Whether you want to go traditional with an ornate damask pattern wallpaper or introduce a contemporary twist to your home with a modern floral wallpaper, our curated flower wallpaper collection has something to offer everyone. Accentuate a minimalist style with a large scale flower wallpaper mural of a macro flower photograph, or highlight your creative side with an artistic floral mural. From bustling social spaces like living rooms and dining rooms to private retreats like bedrooms and home offices, find a floral wallpaper mural that matches your tastes and interior décor.

Picking Your Wallpaper Bouquet

Become your very own florist by picking out the perfect flower arrangement for your space. Whether you’re looking for calming lavender to decorate a spa, or romantic roses for a restaurant dining room, there’s a flower mural for every occasion.

  • Use the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossom wallpaper to bring an eternal springtime to your home or business. Our vintage-inspired Painted Blossoms wall mural adds a stylish floral element to feminine spaces and would be great in a boutique or salon.
  • The beautiful simplicity of daisies reminds many of the innocence of youth, which makes them a perfect choice for decorating children’s spaces. Consider adding our Anna Elise - Daisies pattern wallpaper to a kid’s playroom for a cute, kid-friendly look.
  • Lilies are one of the all-stars of flower arrangements, and it’s easy to see why. From colorfully speckled tiger lilies to a delicate white calla lily, these gorgeous flowers make a great addition to any wall.
  • Inspire inner serenity with a lotus wall mural in a spa or reception area. From Claude Monet’s famous studies of water lilies to meditative photography of lotuses in full bloom, water lily scenes can contribute a sense of calm to any space.
  • Explore the pretty peony flower patterns in our Peony mural collection to refresh a bedroom or bathroom with a vintage peony chintz or a modern watercolor peony pattern.
  • Make your space pop with poppy wallpaper murals. Whether you love classic red poppies or prefer the bright orange of California’s poppy fields and valleys, these delicate flowers make a powerful impact.
  • Stoke a sunny sense of optimism in a space where visitors may feel nervous by adding one of our bright sunflower murals to a doctor’s office or hospital waiting room.
  • Transport visitors to the incredibly vibrant tulip fields of the Netherlands with a tulip-themed mural tastefully placed in an entryway or lounge.

Flower Art Wallpaper

Pick wall art that will always be in bloom with an artistic floral wall mural. Our Watercolor Flower Wallpaper collection features light and airy floral motifs that add color and texture to your walls without overwhelming the space. Consider a floral watercolor like our richly textured blue watercolor hydrangea for a delicate décor element in a nursery or retail boutique.

For a show-stopping maximalist wall mural, our vast assortment of bold and vibrant abstract flower paintings offers a wide array of styles perfect for any aesthetic. Browse famous fine art images like Vincent van Gogh’s Irises to add a sense of history and refinement to a formal dining room or reception area. For a more contemporary take, explore the richly textured and often exuberant flower paintings of artists such as Bari J., Carrie Schmitt, and Alisa Workman.

Benefits of Flower Wallpaper Murals

There’s a reason we give people flowers when they’re feeling under the weather—flowers instantly brighten anyone’s day. Installing wall art in healthcare settings like hospitals and nursing homes has a positive effect on patients, giving them a beautiful view while they recuperate and, in many cases, lifting their spirits. Artists such as Hong Pham create striking floral murals that have a broad appeal and transform impersonal medical exam rooms or waiting rooms into warm, welcoming environments.

More Ways to Shop Flower Wallpaper and Floral Wall Murals

Looking for your favorite flower or a specific style of flower wall mural? We’re here to help! You can contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 to speak with an account manager. You can also use our Create Your Own wall mural option to create a custom floral mural to fit the particular style you had in mind.

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