The Natural Wonder of Scenic Landscape Murals

Experience the natural wonders of the world with famous landscapes from North America's National Parks to Mediterranean Vineyards. With landscape murals of every climate and season, you're sure to find the perfect scenic wallpaper for your home or business. Enjoy beautiful vistas from the comfort of your own space with expansive panoramic landscape photos and landscape paintings. Let coastal allure, forest tranquility, or mountain grandeur fill your walls with wonder and inspiration.

Scenic Landscape Wallpapers for Homes

In a living space, scenic wallpaper murals can bring nature's beauty indoors and deepen your home's connection to the natural world. With a landscape wallpaper, you can enjoy bright sunshine and lush greenery, no matter how dreary the weather is outside. Decorate a home gym with a motivating mountain mural, or bring serenity to a bedroom with a relaxing lake landscape. Rolling countrysides, desert landscapes, and majestic mountain forests can bring inspiration or tranquility to any room of your home.

Scenic Landscape Murals for Business

In a workplace like a corporate office, it can be challenging to perform your best work in an uninspiring business space. The presence of nature landscape murals can increase your business's connection to nature, providing an uplifting atmosphere for employees and clients. In conference rooms, lobbies, or break rooms, inspiring landscape murals can provide a sense of optimism to enhance creativity and productivity. Whether it's a hotel, restaurant, or retail store, scenic wall murals can breathe life into a business space.

Landscape Mural Wall Decor Ideas

Immerse any room in natural beauty with scenic wall murals. Whether you seek a relaxing living space or an uplifting workplace, scenic landscape wallpapers can calm or energize your interior. Bring a plain wall to life with a majestic forest scene, or create a relaxing view with a garden landscape. Here are a few ways to infuse inspiration or tranquility into your interior decor using landscape backgrounds:

  • Transform your living room into a coastal-inspired haven with our U.S. Virgin Islands Coastal Sunset wall mural. Combine it with other seaside-themed wallpapers for a relaxing beach ambiance.
  • In a reception area, greet visitors with the tranquil greenery of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park mural. A majestic forest landscape can provide a calming presence for medical patients or hotel guests.
  • Experience the grandeur of towering peaks with a mountain landscape mural. Bring awe-inspiring beauty to your space with a Yosemite National Park mural or the serene majesty of the Swiss Alps.
  • Enjoy the world's greatest natural wonders with a famous landscape mural. Let the magnificent Grand Canyon or the breathtaking Niagara Falls become part of your daily view.
  • Immerse a living room or sunroom with the tranquility of a garden landscape mural. Envelop your space with blooming flowers, cascading water features, and lush plant life.

Personalized Scenic Wallpapers

With over 40 years of experience printing wall murals, we take pride in the high quality of our custom landscape wall murals. With our graphics services and our Create Your Own mural tool, your landscape mural will be printed to your exact specifications. Choose custom dimensions and materials to suit your needs, and personalization options such as text, protective topcoat, and image-flipping. Our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures vibrant colors and high-quality imagery to transform your space.

For assistance in selecting the perfect wall mural or to learn more about our customization options, contact us or call 888-558-0279. Our Account Managers can help you select the perfect landscape mural or create a custom mural to reflect your unique vision.

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