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Vineyard Wall Murals are Perfect for the Kitchen

Italian decor is very popular in kitchens - blending the beautiful artistry of vineyards, villas and stone buildings with the sensational aromas Italian sauces emit while simmering on the stove. Enhancing your Italian decor is easy with vineyard wall murals to set the scene in your kitchen. The only thing you need to add is the colorful pasta and a musician quietly playing a classical piece on the violin.

A countryside setting of an Italian vineyard evokes calming, peaceful, and even romantic emotions - the perfect environment for a kitchen setting. Vine decals make excellent decorations - enhancing artwork, wine racks and even wall sconces with candles. Many kitchen accessories like towels, dishes, colorful glass bottles filled with pasta and even window curtains also contain vine patterns, and match the purple, green and gold colors often found in vineyard murals.

If your kitchen is windowless, consider kitchen wall decals from Murals Your Way that create a window scene or stone archway, looking out over the rolling landscape of a vineyard. Seeing this type of beautiful scene while washing dishes makes the chore much easier. Or if you are starting an herb garden, give your garden a beautiful backdrop of large trellises overladen with purple grapes. Your herbs will blend right in, matching your decor perfectly.

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