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Marble Wall Murals & Marble Wallpaper

marble wallpaper mural

Marble has been used in homes for centuries, and it’s easy to see why – the chic and swirly patterns add a luxe look to any space. With a range of styles – from soft and subtle to bold and lively – you’re sure to find the perfect marble wall mural and marble wallpaper for your walls.
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Cover an Entire Room in Marble – the Affordable Way

Throughout history, marble has been a mainstay; from the classic white-and-grey swirls of ancient Greek and Roman sculptors to the high contrast countertops of contemporary kitchens, marble has never gone out of style. Get the luxurious look of the material with wallpaper murals. Faux marble wall murals are way less of a headache, easier on your wallet, and perfect for commitment-phobes. Plus, it looks just like the real thing.

Browse An Array of Faux Marble Styles

With its natural swirls and muted hues, marble wall murals can easily act as a focal point or a modest backdrop for any room. Give a powder room a chic and glamorous look with pink swirled marble, or inject a bold, dramatic look into an office with black marble. No matter what style or room you choose, marble wall murals instantly add texture, visual interest, and a modern look.

Create Your Perfect Marble Mural And Marble Wallpaper

Murals Your Way offers a wide assortment of faux marble wall murals, allowing you to pick from different images, sizes, and materials to find the perfect fit for your space. Whether you seek soft and subtle or bold and lively, you’re sure to find the perfect marble wallpaper and marble wall mural for your walls.

The Murals Your Way Advantage

Custom Sizing:
Choose the exact size you need for your home or business. There's no additional charge for custom sizes, they are the same price (per sq ft) as standard murals.
Huge Selection:
With thousands of images to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect image.
Having trouble finding the right image? Contact us for assistance.
Quick & Easy:
Our murals are easy to hang. Just follow the step by step instructions and in no time, your plain wall is transformed into a work of art!
Quality Materials:
Don't settle for substandard materials. At Murals Your Way, we are constantly testing materials to ensure you get the highest quality mural available.
Satisfaction Guarantee:
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your mural purchase, so we offer our Love It Guarantee.

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