Panoramic Wall Art Murals Add Instant Wow

Whether you seek a Grand Canyon view or a soothing forest canopy, our panorama wallpapers bring those striking scenes to life. Crop your favorite panoramic wall mural to focus on a specific detail or wrap an entire room for a dramatic effect. With imagery ranging from forest landscapes to urban graffiti murals, panoramic artwork can complement the interior of any home or business.

  • Give your sports bar or restaurant customers something to cheer about with a local sports stadium mural.
  • Experience iconic cityscapes with a stunning Las Vegas or New York City Skyline mural wall in a living room or hotel lobby.
  • Welcome guests to a coastal retail business with a beach panoramic wallpaper showcasing sandy shores and palm trees.
  • Bring a calming vibe to a hospital or health clinic waiting area with a misty mountain mural or a brilliant countryside.

How to Decorate with Panoramic Wall Murals

Panorama murals give you a vast view of any image, allowing you to capture a full skyline or an expansive landscape. A breathtaking panoramic view can instill a dynamic sense of depth into any space. For specific themes, our search bar and sorting filters can help you find panoramic sunsets, wine cellars, national parks and other stunning imagery.

Panoramic Wallpapers for Kids

Create fun and whimsical wall decor for kids with a panoramic kids room wallpaper. In a large school, panoramic wayfinding artwork can help students navigate to new classes. With a panoramic room wrap mural, every wall of a playroom or classroom can be covered with colorful, kid-friendly graphics.

More Ways to Use Extra Large Scenic Murals

Are you in need of a wall covering for a large space? We’ve got you (and your walls) covered with our selection of extra large murals. Our high-resolution XL murals are a feast for the eyes, at any size. Make a big impact with sweeping cityscapes and majestic nature photos that maintain extreme clarity, even on the largest of walls. Photographer Jim Tarpo uses a digital collage method to give incredible detail to his panoramic photographs.

For more natural scenery, be sure to view our landscape wallpapers and stunning nature murals. Take your decor to new heights with the peaks of mountain murals or the valleys of desert canyon wallpapers.

Custom Panoramic Wallpaper Murals

With over 40 years of custom mural printing experience, Murals Your Way is a trusted go-to for designers and homeowners. Ensure that your panorama is the perfect fit for your space with custom sizing, your choice of quality wallpaper materials, and our satisfaction guarantee.

Looking for a custom panoramic wall mural? You can Create Your Own mural using an image that meets our quality requirements, or customize an existing mural. Personalize your panoramic art with options like cropping, black and white, and image flipping. If you still can’t find the perfect panorama, an Account Manager can source additional stock images for you to choose from.

Our team is happy to accommodate custom mural requests and to assist with your order. Contact us or call 888.558.0279 to connect with an account manager and order your panoramic mural today.

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