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Removable Wallpaper & Removable Murals

removable wallpaper mural

Whether you want a beautiful floral pattern wallpaper or an ethnic designed wall mural, all of our materials are easy to install and remove - with no damage to your walls. You'll find high quality, removable wallpaper and removable murals that self-adhere to your wall? These temporary wallpaper and temporary wall murals require no paste or glue. Choose our SmartStick material and just peel and stick!

Removable Wallpaper Options

All of our wallpaper products are "removable." However, our SmartStick® material is a self-adhesive, peel & stick wallpaper, which is usually what people think of as "temporary" or "removable" wallpaper.

Additionally, SmartStick® is PVC free and has a class A fire rating, allowing it to be used in both residential and commercial applications.

The best part is that it can be easily installed and then removed—without leaving messy glue behind. Be sure to select SmartStick™ if you're looking for peel & stick wall murals and wallpaper.

Want To Customize Your Removable Wallpaper Or Removable Wall Mural?

All of our removable wallpaper designs can be custom fitted to your exact room dimensions and printed on the material of your choice. We can also scale the patterns so the repeat is larger or smaller, depending on your style vision.

pattern customization

Why Choose Peel & Stick Wallpaper?

Peel & stick wallpaper allows you to redecorate your home frequently and easily. You can peel off wallpaper quickly and without mess, then install new wallpaper—all within the same day. Visitors to your home will be kept on their toes every time they walk through the front door.

This is a great option for renters, who want to personalize their space and have easy removal when a lease is over. It's also great for nurseries and kids' rooms, so you can easily change decor with your child's changing tastes.

Businesses also love peel off wallpaper, because they can decorate for the seasons and then easily take their wallpaper down in just one step.

Great Selection Of Prints & Patterns

Patterns and prints work fabulously on furniture and pillows, but imagine how much decorating fun they can bring to the walls of your home. We know how much patterns and prints can add to a room's decor so we offer unique wallpaper prints in this stylish collection.

These patterns are graphic and stylized, yet maintain an expressive, organic aesthetic that enlivens any space. From bold patterns to gush over, large patterns to inspire you, damask wallpaper to add romance to retro designs to add flair, we know you'll love the ease of install and take—down no matter what your taste.

Do you have a brilliant wallpaper design of your own but no way to produce it? Look no further, MYW will work with you to illuminate your walls with your own brilliance. Upload your own wallpaper design now.

The Murals Your Way Advantage

Custom Sizing:
Choose the exact size you need for your home or business. There's no additional charge for custom sizes, they are the same price (per sq ft) as standard murals.
Huge Selection:
With thousands of images to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect image.
Having trouble finding the right image? Contact us for assistance.
Quick & Easy:
Our murals are easy to hang. Just follow the step by step instructions and in no time, your plain wall is transformed into a work of art!
Quality Materials:
Don't settle for substandard materials. At Murals Your Way, we are constantly testing materials to ensure you get the highest quality mural available.
Satisfaction Guarantee:
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your mural purchase, so we offer our Love It Guarantee.

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