Personalize your Space with Car Wall Murals

If you consider yourself a bit of an auto enthusiast, then you will jump for joy over these stunning car murals. Find your favorite models and use them to personalize your bedroom, living area, garage, or man cave. Whether you prefer the retro chrome look of our black Mustang Vintage Car wallpaper mural or the sleek modern curves of the lime green hyper-car in our Night Race mural wallpaper, we’ve got the perfect vehicle wallpaper to match your personal style.

Maybe you like the laid-back beach bum lifestyle of the coast. In that case, consider decorating your living room, entryway, or beach house with a Woodie station wagon like our Buttercup Buick wallpaper mural. Prefer the smooth curves and fiery flames of an old school speedster? Use a 1940’s hot rod mural like our Black Beauty wallpaper mural to decorate your mancave, home office, or workspace.

Car Mural Décor Ideas to Get Your Gears Turning

Share your passion for innovative engineering or classic curves with a car wallpaper for walls that matches your personal tastes.

  • Satisfy your inner speed demon with a mural of a stock car speeding past the checkered flag in our Orange Race Car mural wallpaper.
  • Decorate a teen’s or boy’s bedroom with the cutting-edge image of a muscle car mockup in our 3D Model Car mural wallpaper.
  • Love the influence of the space age on classic 1950’s car design? Then you may want to decorate your bedroom with our Retro Car pattern wallpaper, featuring red, pink, and blue convertibles and hardtop two-door cars.
  • Infuse a living room or dining area with the excitement of stock car racing with the colorful colors of our painted Nascar wall mural.
  • Do you own a custom body shop or auto repair store? Show off your past projects with custom made wall murals that capture the detail and skill of your work.
  • Commemorate a passion for fixing up cars or show off your favorite make and model with a wall mural in your garage. Need some inspiration? Check out our blog post about decorating your garage with car murals to see customer examples and start getting a few ideas of your own.

More Ways to Celebrate the Open Road

If you’re a fan of our collection of car murals, odds are you’ll also enjoy exploring our other transportation murals like our truck wall murals and our motorcycle mural wallpapers. If you rather keep the journey itself at the forefront of your decor, our road and highway wall murals are another great place to find winding roads, famous thoroughfares like Route 66, and iconic stretches of highways unwinding through desert landscapes.

Customize Your Mural Like You’ve Customized Your Wheels

Not finding the specific make and model of your dream car? Don’t forget that you can create your own custom wall mural car mural featuring that rare style or obscure model. If you’d like a little help getting started, you can always contact us by email or give us a call at 888.558.0279 to speak with an Account Manager.

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