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Train Wallpaper and Murals That Are Full Speed Ahead

You don’t have to be a train hobbyist to enjoy the nostalgic shape of vintage steam engines or the sleek design of modern passenger trains. From vintage photographs of train stations to present-day interiors of subway cars, train murals represent the spirit of travel and adventure.

No matter what kind of space you’re looking to decorate, our wide variety of train and streetcar murals cover a broad range of styles and types. Some of our most popular train pictures and illustrations ready to turn into a mural include train engine blueprints, cute cartoon train track patterns and long panoramic photographs of trains traveling through scenic landscapes. We can print them on more than a dozen fire-rated materials ranging from convenient peel-and-stick wallpaper to commercial-grade vinyl.

How to Decorate with Train Wall Murals and Streetcar Mural Wallpapers

Even if you didn’t grow up playing with a train set or watching Thomas the Train on TV, there’s still plenty to admire about this classic mode of transportation. From cute choo-choo train murals for kids to vintage train station wall murals, we have numerous art styles and image designs to choose from for a train wall mural or wallpaper that will fit your interior style.

More Ways to Explore Transportation Murals

Whatever form of transit you prefer, we have a transportation wall mural that displays conveyance in all its glory. Shop for car and truck murals, airplane wallpapers, motorcycle wall murals and even hot air balloon wall art. If you enjoy the view you get while on a train, look for it in our scenic wall murals and cityscape murals depending on whether you prefer the rural or metropolitan perspective.

Customized Train Wallpaper

Did you have a specific type of train engine or style of train mural in mind that you simply can’t seem to find? Our Create Your Own custom wall mural feature means you can design your own train mural or railway wallpaper. Customization options are available, too, allowing you to change up our designs to fit your space. Enter the dimensions you need to get a mural to perfectly fit your wall. If you want to print a color image in black and white, or to reverse the image, we can do that! At Murals Your Way, we want to help you achieve a look that you'll love.

For help getting started or simply to get your questions answered, you can you can always contact us by email or give us a call at 888.558.0279 to connect with an experienced Account Manager. We’re here to help!

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