Decorate with Farm Animal Murals

Even if you aren’t going for the cozy comfort of a modern farmhouse design scheme, farm animal-inspired wall murals are a great way to add personality, color, and scenic country landscapes to the walls of your home or business. From milk cows grazing in the fields to horses galloping behind a fence, farm animals add a distinctive charm to any space.

Children’s Farm Wallpaper

From nursery rhymes to classic children’s stories, farm animals are introduced to kids at an early age and feature prominently in their learning. Create a fun, farm-themed bedroom, playroom, or nursery for your little one filled with a kid-friendly cartoon farm animals wallpaper or cute baby farm animals wallpaper.

Looking for more ideas for kids’ wall murals and kids’ wallpaper? Our animal print and pattern wallpaper collection and our woodland pattern wallpaper collection are great places to explore for kid-friendly animal mural designs too! Have younger children in mind? You may want to explore our selection of nursery murals.

More Ways to Shop Barnyard Wallpaper and Country Landscape Wallpaper

Continue exploring the beauty of rural countryside wall murals with our collection of country landscape wall murals. From our selection of barn murals and farm wallpapers to an impressive array of tractor wall murals, celebrate all aspects of farm life with one of our scenic country murals.

Not finding the style or image you’d like for your farm animal mural wallpaper? We’re here to help! You can customize one of our preexisting designs to fit your room’s style, or Create Your Own custom farm animal mural. For help getting started or a more in-depth explanation about our customization options, you can contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 to connect with an Account Manager.

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