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Horse Wallpaper for Walls

The beauty and grace of horses is unparalleled in the animal kingdom. Whether they’re running in a wild herd and shaking the ground with their thundering hooves, or peacefully grazing in a lush green farm field, horses convey a sense of power and strength. Bring the unbridled energy of horses into your own space with a beautiful horse wallpaper or horse wall mural. Energize a social area like a family room or restaurant dining room with a dynamic mural of galloping horses, or foster an early enthusiasm for horses with a peaceful mural of a mare nuzzling her foal in a nursery or child’s bedroom.

Equestrian Wallpaper Murals

Humans and horses have a relationship that goes back for centuries. From helping with farm work to charging into battle, horses have played a key role in the development of human society and culture. Find the perfect mural for the horse lover in your life with one of our many stylish horse sport murals.

  • Feel the excitement of horse racing with the colorfully painted jockeys and race horses in our Horse Race #2 horse racing wallpaper.
  • Elevate the ambiance of a room with the grace and power of popular dressage horse breeds such as the Gypsy Vanner or Friesian.
  • Decorate a horse rider’s bedroom with a horse mural that reminds them of being at the stable or out in the field like our Thorougbhbred Paddock Under Oak Trees wallpaper mural.

Horse (Murals) of a Different Color

In movies set in America’s Wild West, the color of a character’s steed often conveys quite a bit about the rider’s character. Outlaws with black broncos face off against sheriffs riding white stallions or brown mustangs, and the connotations of “good” and “bad” seem to have stuck to the horses themselves. This is why choosing the color scheme of your horse mural can have such a big impact on the ambiance of your space. Are you looking for a moody, rebellious aesthetic? A black horse wallpaper may be the perfect choice for you. Are you looking for something more noble and stately? A white horse wallpaper might be ideal. Whether you like the white and brown splotches of a pinto, the solid chestnut of a sorrel, or the speckled spots of an Appaloosa horse, our colorful array of horse murals and horse wallpapers offer a fantastic array of designs to choose from.

Looking to compliment a southwest décor scheme? Be sure to also check out our Western wall murals for more rugged frontier scenes and stylish desert landscapes.

For Fans of Our Horse Mural Wallpapers

If you enjoy the rustic look of farm horses, you may also enjoy browsing our Farm Animal wall murals, our scenic Country Landscapes, or our Barns & Farms wall murals. Prefer the wildness of horses roaming free? Be sure to check out our Wildlife wall murals for more images of animals in their natural habitat. For something a bit more fantastical, our unicorn wallpaper murals are sure to add an enchanting touch to any space.

More Ways to Shop Horse Murals

Is there a particular breed or color of horse you want your mural to include? Or perhaps you have a particular horse in mind that’s close to your heart. Whether it’s an image of a famous racehorse like Secretariat or a photograph of the mare you learned to ride on, we can help you create the custom horse wallpaper of your dreams. Create Your Own custom horse mural to match the style you had in mind, or contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 to speak with an Account Manager about our mural customization options.

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