Autumn Wall Murals Perfect for Brightening Rooms

What better way to brighten your interiors than with an autumn forest wallpaper? Our curated collection of fall forest wallpaper murals features stunning scenes involving tree-lined lakes and roadways, dense forests with warm hues, and individual trees, each spreading the beauty of fall from corner-to-corner of the image.

The versatility of autumn forest wallpaper murals can help you achieve your design goals. Want to create the illusion of height within a room? With its strong vertical lines, the Autumn Aspen Forest wallpaper mural is a perfect choice. Want to add a striking view to a windowless space? The Wooden Bridge In Autumn Forest wallpaper mural makes it seem as though you could step right into the scene. Want to make a room more relaxing? The Rushing Water wall mural combines many natural elements to create a peaceful scene.

Fall forest wallpaper blends perfectly with all sorts of décor styles, from rustic to farmhouse to contemporary.

  • Add color and organic flair to an office using a vibrant autumn forest or fall scene.
  • Evoke a welcoming feel in an entryway or living room with a bright, sunny autumn scene.
  • Create a festive feel in a dining room by displaying an autumn wallpaper mural filled with blazing hues.
  • Elevate a gym or spin studio with an image of an open road lined with colorful fall trees.
  • Soothe waiting patients in a hospital or medical office with a tranquil autumn scene depicting a colorful forest edging a peaceful lake.
  • Make your space feel really big by adding a fall forest wall mural to your ceiling. You'll feel like you are standing in the forest and looking up through the trees.

There are so many other forest wallpaper murals to explore! Be sure to check out our rainforest murals, snowy winter forest wallpaper murals, and green spring and summer forest mural wallpapers. Or enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty with a National Park wallpaper mural.

Can’t find the perfect fall wallpaper mural? Upload your personal image to create a truly unique wallpaper! Our Create Your Own wall mural option makes it easy to do so.

Need help finding just the right autumn forest wall mural for your room? Contact us or call us at 888.558.0279. We're here to help!

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