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Italian wallpaper mural
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Italian Wall Mural Collection

Italy's distinctive history, rich collection of ancient buildings, and famous art galleries has led to its ever-growing popularity among art enthusiasts. Our Italian murals have quickly become a favorite among designers and homeowners alike looking to add extra "authenticity" to their Italian décor theme. Italian themed wallpaper murals with scenes from Italy make a perfect complement to bedrooms, bathrooms restaurants, spas and more.

All the Best Italy Has to Offer - Right on Your Walls

Who doesn't love images of the Italian landscape or want to stroll through wine country sipping on some Chianti? Maybe the charm of Venice's famous gondolas calls to you or you find Tuscany's charm irresistible. It could be the Italian coastline is your dream vacation or even a jaunt across the Mediterranean to Greece or Amalfi. No matter what you love most about Italy, you're sure to find the wallpaper mural to inspire some great decor.

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