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Stone and Rock Murals Of Every Style

Crafted by the elements, the wonder of rocks lies in their naturally formed beauty. Over many thousands of years, Earth's natural forces have produced rocks of many unique forms, textures and shades. Whether naturally rough or polished to a sparkling sheen, our rock murals provide an inspiring accent for any style of interior.

Rock formation murals can bring a captivating look to any space, be it professional or personal. Give a glam look to a living room with gleaming crystal geodes or accent a rustic restaurant with a rugged rocky landscape. For a tranquil feel, explore murals of Zen river pebbles, cascading waterfalls and smooth stones stacked on beach shores. From sandstone canyons to cavern stalactites, stone murals will turn your walls into natural works of art.

False Rock Wall Murals — Nature's Artistry Made Easy

Are you interested in filling your space with rich natural stone texture, without having to worry about the cost? Faux stone wallpapers are an easy and affordable alternative to real stone. Add depth and character to any room, without the expense and effort of installing real stone building materials. By using a faux painted stone wall mural, you give your walls the look of sleek granite, marble, or agate stones with ease.

Embrace the Beauty of Crystal Wallpaper Murals

Immerse yourself in the tranquil energy and captivating designs of crystal wall murals. The calming effect of beautiful stone and crystal murals can revitalize your space as well as your mind and body. You can create a unique abstract statement on your walls with eye-catching close-ups of vibrant agate and crystal wall murals. For an eye-catching abstract look, explore macro photos that showcase the intricate patterns and colors found within agates and geodes. Transform a bedroom or yoga studio into a sanctuary with crystal murals, featuring stones ranging from onyx to moss agate.

Premium Murals That Last

Rocks and stones are one of the most enduring parts of the land, so a stone mural should be the same. Murals Your Way has more than a dozen high-quality materials that are Class A or Class B fire-rated for any wallpaper application. From traditional pre-pasted wallpaper and commercial grade vinyl to proprietary materials such as Eco Bella™ partially recycled wallpaper, SmartStick® peel-and-stick wallpaper and VersaGrip™ wallpaper for lightly textured surfaces, we have a mural material that brings out a stone’s charm. All our stone murals are printed using ink that resists indoor fading for up to 20 years.

Stone and Rock Mural Ideas for Homes and Businesses

Enhance any interior decor with the natural beauty and texture of stone. A stone wall mural or faux stone siding wallpaper is a perfect way to infuse relaxation into your home or business environment. Capture nature's grandeur with a rocky coastline or evoke a sense of calm with a closeup of smooth river rocks. No matter which room you choose to decorate, our rock wallpapers will increase your decor's connection to nature.

Custom Stone Wall Murals And Rock Wallpaper

Make your stone wall mural uniquely your own with our range of mural customization tools. Mural materials from durable Vinyl to Peel and Stick wallpaper allow you to choose the best option for your space. With custom sizing, you can also fit your mural to the exact dimensions of your wall. Our personalization tools allow you to turn your stone mural black and white, flip it horizontally or even add custom text.

For a completely custom rock or stone wallpaper, Create Your Own mural by uploading your own high resolution image. You can also utilize our graphics services to alter an image or create a completely custom mural design.

More Ways to Explore Nature Wallpaper Murals

Invite Mother Nature into any space with nature murals celebrating the Earth’s beauty. Shop an assortment of garden murals, sky murals, cave murals, glacier murals and many others. And if you’re looking for other options to make walls look like they’re made of natural materials, visit our collection of textured wall murals. They include brick, tile, metal and wood backgrounds to revamp your space without replacing the walls.

With free shipping in the United States and convenient installation, it’s easy to transform your space with Murals Your Way. Shop our diverse collection of rock and stone wall murals and unleash the beauty of nature in your decor. Contact us or call 866-886-6765 to get in touch with an Account Manager today.

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