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How to Decorate with Globally Inspired Wallpaper

Why limit yourself to one culture or style? With globally inspired interior design, you can pick your favorite patterns, colors, and designs from around the world and bring them all under one roof. Whether you’re feeling homesick for another country or want your décor to nod to a fond trip or extended stay abroad, our wide assortment of global pattern wallpapers offers a range of styles from tribes around the globe. Are you transfixed by arabesque tile work? Perhaps you prefer the bold look of woodblock. From traditional takes on ancient arts to contemporary versions of popular tribal patterns, our collection spans continents and countries to bring you wallpaper patterns that are at once on trend and timeless.

Global Wallpaper for Home

Play with global patterns by mixing and matching décor accents in your home. From throw pillows and rugs to upholstery, interiors have begun to reflect influences from the world at large in the textiles and patterns homeowners choose to pair with each other. Wallpaper can similarly add an element to accentuate a color palette or play off of other interior design elements. Use a contemporary ikat design to infuse your space with vibrant floral vibes, or pick a black and white African inspired woodblock print as a bold accent wall.

Boho Wallpaper

Bohemian interior design pulls from cultural and artistic inspiration for interiors heavy on natural textures and vibrant colors. From Turkish rugs to Moroccan tile, hand woven baskets to traditional tie-dye, boho style celebrates life and wanderlust in equal measure while drawing from styles around the world. For specifically bohemian designs, you can explore our boho wallpaper collection.

Removeable Global Wallpaper

Change up your interior style often? Then a peel-and-stick global pattern wallpaper may be the answer for you. Although all of our wall coverings are removeable, our SmartStick material is an especially easy option for temporary installations and rental spaces. Simply peel and stick without worrying about paste or damage during removal. Try out one of our popular globally inspired wallpapers for yourself with the simplicity of our SmartStick wallcovering.

More Ways to Shop For Global Wall Murals

Looking for more ways to globe trek with your décor? Satisfy that sense of adventure or stoke feelings of wanderlust with a scenic nature mural featuring beautiful spots around the world. From the sandy warm tones of a desert mural to the lush green tropics of a jungle mural, landscape murals are another great way to accentuate a globally inspired interior design scheme. Looking for patterns to bring a sense of cohesion to your space? Discover an animal print wallpaper that brings an exotic touch to your room, or create a sense of order with a geometric wallpaper.

Did you have a specific tribal pattern, folk-art motif, or textile design in mind that you can’t seem to find? We’re here to help! You can Create Your Own global pattern or customize any of our designs. To get started, you can contact us by email or give us a call at 888.558.0279.

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