Red Wallpaper Murals

Red is an instant attention-grabber. If you’re looking to give your interior décor a boost, try a red wallpaper or red wall mural for a true showstopper. From deep, seductive shades to bright and playful patterns, red wall murals are a great way to infuse a room with warmth and energy.

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How to Use Red Wallpapers and Wall Murals

Red can be a passionate and exciting color, just be careful how you use it. Red wall murals are great for high energy spaces like living rooms and entryways, but they can get overwhelming in small spaces or areas that require deep concentration. For the best effect, find a red wall mural that incorporates other warm tones, or cool things off with a burst of complementary blue.

Removable Red Wallpaper

Our peel-and-stick SmartStick material also makes it easier than ever to commemorate temporary events. Celebrate an anniversary or create an eye-catching Valentine’s Day retail display with a romantic and removable red rose wallpaper mural.

Not seeing the right color wallpaper for you? You can always Create Your Own wall mural.

Need help finding the right red wallpaper for your space? We’re here to help! Contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 to speak with an account manager.

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