Rustic Wall Murals

Make your home or business feel inviting the moment you step into the room with a rustic wallpaper mural. Because it’s such a versatile design style, you can incorporate rustic wall murals in just about any space. Our curated collection of rustic wallpapers includes exposed brick, shiplap and reclaimed wood, textured stones, and much more. These character-filled designs contain earthy hues, distressed and weathered finishes, and other organic elements to infuse natural beauty into your space.

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Make your space emit a cozy, laid-back style with rustic wallpaper murals. With its organic textures, natural warmth, and refreshing simplicity, rustic wall murals can help make your home or business feel inviting. When paired with contemporary or traditional furniture and décor, rustic wall murals create a beautiful Hygge or Farmhouse styled interior. Weathered wood and shiplap wallpapers add a reclaimed element, whereas exposed brick can give a touch of industrial design. No matter what style you lean toward, our curated collection of rustic mural wallpapers can help you achieve your desired look.

Rustic Style Wall Décor

Rustic is an incredibly versatile design style that can be used in any setting. Here are just a few ways you can use a rustic wallpaper mural to decorate your space.

  • Make your living room feel comfy-cozy with a mural wallpaper of chopped wood.
  • Channel your inner Joanna Gaines and use a shiplap wallpaper mural in the kitchen or bedroom.
  • Create a relaxed, airy setting in an office using a rustic style mural wallpaper as a backdrop.
  • Bring a rustic-industrial look to a restaurant or café using an exposed brick wallpaper mural.
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