Custom Wallpaper

Custom Wallpaper

Customization Options For Murals

Our professional graphic design team can take any pattern or image in our image gallery or Create Your Own (with an image that you supply) and modify it to fit perfectly in your space.

Scalable Wallpaper Patterns

From changing the scale of a pattern, to adding a logo or text, to cropping and extending an image, we have you covered. Just email us or call 1-888-558-0279 to talk with a mural consultant.

Patterned Wallpaper

When it comes to patterned wallpaper, the scale of the tile can mean everything! Whether small and detailed or over-sized and bold, we can work with you to achieve the effect you desire for your space.

Wallpaper Patterns With Different Scales

Mural Wallpaper

If you share your vision with us, the sky is the limit. We will do everything we can to turn your design concept into a reality. The most common changes are listed here, but it doesn't stop there!

  • Cropping and/or Extending
  • Adding a Name, Logo or Personal Message
  • Changing the Scale of the Image
  • Changing Colors (or Color-Matching!)
  • Adding or Removing a Section of the Image
  • Modifying the Image to Account for Structural Elements (Windows, Doors, etc)
Original mural

Some of the most common changes are cropping and extending images. Here is an example of how one image (by Irene Suchocki) was cropped for a tall and narrow staircase, and then was extended to fit a long hallway.

The original to the left, and the modified murals are below.

Customized mural

Wallpaper Guarantee

All of our murals are guaranteed to be to your satisfaction. Every mural is made your way. If you don't love it, we'll take it back. With our 100% Love It Guarantee, it's that simple.

Love it Guarantee and Printed in USA logos

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