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Woodland Creatures Room Wrap (RW3006)

Wander through a scene right out of a fairy-tale with the Woodland Creatures Room Wrap. Cute forest critters like mice and squirrels welcome you to this whimsical wonderland. In the background, three small houses built on tree stumps make you wonder who’s inside. Is it trolls? Maybe gnomes?

Woodland Creatures Room Wrap Wall Mural
Woodland Creatures Room Wrap Wall Mural In A Medical Offices

The curiosity will keep both you and young viewers engaged. Make any space engaging and fun for kids with this vibrant and happy nature scene.

Customize Your Room Wrap

You also have the option to personalize this wallpaper mural with your own message, business name, or logo. It's a perfect way to add a unique touch to this fun fun-filled forest wall mural.

Need to accommodate for doors, windows, or other obstructions? Room wrap wall murals can be moved and modified to work around these areas and perfectly fit your space.

MicroBloc Antimicrobial Topcoat

Further protect and extend the life of your room wrap wall mural with our MicroBloc Antimicrobial Topcoat. The benefits of MicroBloc include:

  • Resists product deterioration caused by mildew and mold fungus
  • Inhibits discoloration on the product caused by mildew, mold and algae
  • Guards against the growth of bacterial odors on the product

This protection is recommended for settings such as healthcare facilities, dental offices, hotels, washrooms, or in areas that need to be cleaned often or in high-traffic areas where the wall mural may be rubbed or touched on a repeated basis.

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