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Wayfinding Murals

Navigating an unfamiliar campus or facility can be a daunting task. Wayfinding signage helps take the guesswork out of getting from point A to point B in large and complex buildings like hospitals, universities, business headquarters, and more.

How to Use Wayfinding Wallpaper

Wayfinding signs have long been a way to help people orient to their surroundings and get their bearings in strange places. By using a wayfinding mural instead of a traditional sign, you can make words, numbers and instructions even more visible. You’ll also enhance the décor with a fun pattern or astounding image as the background to these navigation aids

Instill a sense of wonder in young visitors with cute, kid-friendly cartoon scenes for wayfinding signage in a pediatric medical building or large sprawling amusement park. Bring tranquility to a senior living community while also making it easier for memory care residents to find their way by using scenic nature-themed wayfinding murals. Or give corporate offices a seasonal vibe that helps new employees and clients get where they’re going.

Whatever your purpose for using wayfinding techniques, you’ll be sure to create a lasting impression by adding large-scale murals to your signage system. For more ideas on how to successfully implement wayfinding murals in a variety of spaces and situations, check out our Wayfinding blog post.

Exceptional Designs, Customized to Your Needs

Our team of in-house graphic designers are experienced at crafting wayfinding murals to suit a variety of situations and needs. Pick out a theme from our wayfinding mural sets, or work with one of our experienced account managers to design your own custom motifs and wayfinding designs.

Learn more about our wayfinding mural sets by selecting a wallpaper category below:

All of our mural sets can be customized to fit your needs, whether you want additional text added to the murals, the colors changed, or the set expanded to fit more floors or departments. We can cut wallpapers to fit around windows and doors or along angled ceilings. There are so many possibilities when ordering a wayfinder mural.

Rather create your own custom set of wayfinding designs? You can also fill out our Business Quote form to connect with an Account Manager, explain your project specifications, receive personalized recommendations based on your needs, and receive a comprehensive project quote.

Need Help Getting Started?

Our team of experienced Account Managers is here to answer your questions and walk you through the process! Whether you’re looking to create a wholly custom wayfinding set or use one of our pre-designed themes as your starting point, don’t hesitate to contact us or call us at 888.558.0279.