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World Textures Wayfinding Murals

Bring visitors on a scenic trip around the world with the World Textures wayfinding mural set. Panoramic murals featuring natural textures from around the globe are a beautiful way to keep different areas within a large campus or building distinct from one another. From the blue peaks of a mountain range on the first floor to lush green jungle foliage on the third floor, distinctly different landscape murals are a beautiful way to reinforce wayfinding signage and themes.

Wall Mural Of Snow Capped Mountains And Forest Covered Hills Reflected In A Water Surrounding An Elevator On 1st Floor
Wall Mural Of A Sunset Sky And Blow Ocean Water With Small Waves Surrounding An Elevator On 2nd Floor
Wall Mural Of Green Leafy Jungle Plants Surrounding An Elevator On 3rd Floor
Wall Mural Of Red Hot Molten Lava Flowing Through Black Rocks Surrounding An Elevator On 4th Floor
Wall Mural Sun Rising Over Golden Sand Dunes Surrounding An Elevator On 5th Floor
Wall Mural Of A White Iceberg Floating On Calm Ocean Waters Surrounding An Elevator On 6th Floor

Do you need an extended set of wayfinding murals to accommodate more floors or departments? Do you want to alter the mural design to include logos or floor directories? Whatever your needs, our experienced team of in-house graphic designers is here to help!

To hear more about our customization options, you can contact us or call us at 888.558.0279. An experienced Account Manager can review our custom mural options as well as discuss project quotes, high volume discounts, and more.

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