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Serene Silhouettes Wayfinding Murals

Monochromatic wall murals are an excellent way to establish your wayfinding themes from floor to floor in any large campus or building. Our Serene Silhouettes set of wall murals span the globe as well as the rainbow, with landscapes silhouetted in ombres of different colors.

A sunrise illuminates the simplified southwest desert scene in shades of red on the first floor of this wayfinding mural set while an underwater reef and sea life are outlined in various tones of blue on floor three. Each theme can also be expanded, with panels designed in a matching style for spaces like hallways, stairwells, front desks, and more.

Mountainous Desert Scene With Cactus In Ombres Of Red Surrounding An Elevator On 1st Floor
Moon Rising Over Mountain With Deer And Pine Tree In Purple Ombre Surrounding An Elevator On 2nd Floor
Undersea Coral Reef With Fish And Sharks In Blue Ombre Surrounding An Elevator On 3rd Floor
Tropical Beach With Mountains And Palm Trees And A Bird In Green Ombre Surrounding An Elevator On 4th Floor

Remember that we can customize any of our sets to meet your project’s specific needs. From expanding the number of mural variations in a set to switching around the floor numbers, adding logos, or altering the color, our experienced team of in-house graphic designers can customize our designs to fit your needs.

To hear more about our custom mural services or to discuss your project needs further, you can contact us, request a project quote or call us at 888.558.0279.