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How To Choose A Wall Mural

A wall mural can express your interests, tastes and creative flair. At Murals Your Way, we give you numerous options for sizes, images, material, and personalization so you can make your mural, your way. With all of the options we offer, how do you know where do to start?

Where Do You Want To Put Your Mural?

Murals look great in both residential and business settings!

At home, murals can look great in any room and can serve different purposes. Here are a few ideas:

  • Wow arriving guests with a mural in your entryway or formal living room.
  • Create an escape from the stresses of the world with a mural in your bedroom.
  • Make a small space, like a bathroom, feel larger or add lightness into a dark corner.
  • Add whimsy and adventure to kids' bedrooms or playrooms.
  • Add an accent wall with a fun pattern, rather than plain paint.

In businesses, murals can set the tone for patrons, partners and employees. Here are a few ideas for using murals in commercial and retail settings:

  • Extend your brand by adding murals with corporate branding elements and logos.
  • Create an experience for diners with a mural for your restaurant.
  • Add easily changed seasonal backdrops for your retail store.
  • Build school spirit by adding team logos or mascots to hallways and classrooms.
  • Set a relaxing atmosphere for your spa or salon with murals.

Want more ideas? Visit our Customer Examples page to see some great ways other customers have used our murals. You can see real customer examples for the home and business.

Which Image Do You Want to Use?

Murals Your Way has a gallery of thousands of images, everything from abstract art to zebras! Start by thinking about what kinds of images you love to see.

  • Maybe you want to remember your trip to Paris or have always wanted to take a trip to the sandy beaches of Hawaii.
  • If you love nature, you might want to use an image of a mountain or forest to bring the outdoors in.
  • If you're not into photographs for murals, you can choose to use designs that have a painted look or even abstract art.
  • Also, remember that we can personalize murals to fit around doors or windows, add images or text, and change the scale of patterns.
  • Editorial images may not be used for wall murals.

You can also choose to use your own photo or artwork for a completely customized mural. And, there is no extra charge for using your own image!

What Size Wall Mural Will Be Right For Your Room?

At Murals Your Way every mural we make is a custom printed order. You get to specify the size that best fits your situation - from a minimum of 4' x 6' (24 square feet) to a mural that covers an entire wall. If you're using your own image, you can make it smaller than 24 square feet, but minimum pricing applies.

When determining what size to order, keep in mind that a full wall mural is going to offer you the greatest impact and is ultimately the best value for your money. This is one instance where size truly does matter. A partial wall mural will add color, texture, interest and provide a theme to your space. However, a full wall mural will provide extraordinary drama and help you transform a room from ho-hum to incredibly chic.

What Material Should You Choose?

Our murals are NOT printed on paper. Our murals are printed on your choice of our high quality, tear resistant materials. We offer 6 materials on our website and and additional 9 materials when ordering with an Account Manager.

Most of our materials are installed using wallpaper paste, except for our peel and stick SmartStick®, Prepasted Wallpaper and Window Film materials. Our murals are printed on panels up to 48 inches wide, and are rolled, not framed.

Think about texture and sheen - each material offers slightly different texture and finish. Photographs tend to look best on our smooth-surfaced Eco Bella(TM) or SmartStick(R) as they provide the sharpest image. Canvas is often used for artistic murals, to give them an 'artsy' look.

Do you have to meet any specific building codes? Many of our materials are commercial grade, and several are fire rated. Please see our individual material pages for specific information on each.

Ways To Shop On Murals Your Way

There are many different ways to find your perfect wall mural or wallpaper on Murals Your Way.

Browse By Mural Type

Visit our shop murals page to browse our collections by subject type. Choose from beaches, cities & skylines, nature and sports and so much more.

Shop By Color

Not sure exactly what type of image you want, but have a particular color scheme to match? Then visit our shop by color page where you will find our full mural assortment organized by color such as black and white, blues, yellows, pastels and more. Whatever your favorite color, we will have a mural to match it.

Shop by Rooms In Your Home

Visit our Murals For Your Home so you can find recommended murals for every room in your house like the kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom and so much more.

Shop by Business

Our Murals For Your Business showcases our wall coverings for your business. We have worked with thousands of different business from pet care to pediatric dental offices and senior living centers. We specialize in working closely with our business clients to find the perfect solution for your project that will enhance your business for your employees, clients or patients.

If you are a designer, be sure to join our Designer Program which includes many benefits for you and your clients.

Use Our Onsite Search

Quickly and easily find what you are looking for with our Onsite search. Simply enter what you are looking for in the search box at the top the page. Then use the filters to narrow the search results. You can filter by color, style (art, photo, pattern or map) and orientation (horizontal, vertical or panoramic).

Contact One Of Our Account Managers

We have a team of Account Managers who are ready to help you find the right mural or wallpaper, answer any questions about materials or installation and to place your order. Give us a call at 888.558.0279 or use our contact us for personalized assistance with your project.

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