Wallpaper You Can Color On? Yes, With Coloring Wallpaper

Coloring books are extremely popular, but once you color in the picture, it just sits in the book, and nobody sees it. Coloring wallpaper lets you put your coloring art on the wall, where you can share it with everyone. What a fun way to put your personal touch on a wall mural!

Coloring your own wallpaper can be an individual or group activity. Both kids and adults will love the fun, creative process of choosing colors, coloring, and seeing the image come to life. Put up a coloring mural for your daycare or after school program to keep children entertained. Use a mandala or zentangle image as an office team-building activity. Or, just pick an image you love to use, and color away your stress.

What Types Of Art Media Can You Use on Coloring Wallpaper?


  • Non-washable Markers stay true to color
  • Crayons - give a soft look
  • Colored Pencils - give a soft look

Eco Bella™

  • Non-washable Markers - stay true to color
  • Crayons - give a soft look

Prepasted Wallpaper

  • Non-washable Markers - give a slightly softer look (Do not use washable markers)
  • Crayons - give a slightly softer look
  • Colored Pencils - give a softer look
  • Acrylic Paint- stay true to color


  • Acrylic Paint
  • Because of the smooth surface of our Vinyl, markers, crayons, and pencils are not recommended

How to Decorate Using Wallpaper You Can Color Yourself

Let your creativity run wild with coloring book wallpaper. From kid-friendly cartoon designs to intricate coloring book designs for adults, coloring wallpaper is a great way to create interactive décor for any space, whether you’re decorating a home or a business.

For Kids

For Adults

More Ways to Shop Coloring Book Wallpaper

Did you have a particular image or subject matter in mind that you can seem to find? Don’t worry, thanks to our Create Your Own feature, your imagination is the limit when it comes to coloring wallpaper. Customize any of our existing designs, or collaborate with our team of in-house designers to create your own. For help getting started, you can contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 to connect with an experienced Account Manager.

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