Hotel Wall Murals & Hotel Wallpaper

Lower Manhattan, New York Wallpaper Mural

Showcase your hotel’s distinct personality and create a place of escape with wallpaper murals. Whether you incorporate them in a lobby, reception desk, suite, or dining area, unique and beautifully styled walls will surely make your guests’ stay unforgettable.

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Why Work With Murals Your Way?

Wall Décor & Wallpaper for Hotels

From the moment they step inside the hotel, your guests should feel welcomed, relaxed, and at home. Through interior décor, your hotel’s unique personality can make your guests’ stay unforgettable. Put your best foot forward and give your hotel a distinct touch with wall murals and wallpapers. Murals Your Way can help you impress and excite your guests. With a wide selection of materials and a variety of images and styles, wall murals are a perfect décor solution.

Hotel Murals for an Unforgettable Stay

Whether they’re on vacation or visiting for work, hotels should offer guests an escape.

  • Welcome guests with a mural in the lobby or behind the reception desk.
  • Highlight local attractions and city landmarks in the hallways as guests make way to their room.
  • Help guests unwind and create a peaceful atmosphere with nature imagery.
  • Set the ideal tone for the restaurant or bar, whether casual or fine dining.
  • Give each floor or corridor a differing theme for a totally unique experience.
  • Use a wall mural instead of a headboard for a one-of-a-kind look.

MicroBloc Antimicrobial Topcoat for Hotels

Wherever bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi compromise product performance, MicroBloc Antimicrobial Topcoat will take control. MicroBloc inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi responsible for creating unpleasant smells, staining and deterioration of our printed wall mural materials. By controlling unwanted microbes, MicroBloc helps keep your printed wall mural fresh, clean and odor free.

At Murals Your Way, we provide numerous options for sizes, images, materials, and personalization so you can truly make your mural, your way. Create the perfect first impression to draw in guests and turn them into repeat customers. Contact a Murals Your Way Account Manager today at 1.888.558.0279. Be sure to ask for volume discounts if you are ordering several murals.

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