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Locally Inspired Wall Decor Brings Local Charm To Your Business

How to add local flair for your customers and employees with wall murals

By: Becca O.
December 4, 2023

Think of local businesses that feel connected to your community. What comes to mind? Perhaps a retro diner displaying photos from the town’s earlier days, or a sports bar decked out with memorabilia from the local team? What gives a business a distinctly local flair, and how can you infuse this essence into your own business?

For an effective way to transform a business space, consider starting with one of the largest design opportunities: the walls. Walls often offer the largest amount of surface area in a business space and utilizing them properly can have a huge impact. Wallpaper murals are large scale wall coverings that are customizable in design. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, bar or any other business, here are some ways that locally inspired wall art can make a significant impact on your interior decor and customer experience.

Why Local Murals Matter

Locally inspired wall decor is a trend that's not only visually striking, but also embraces a business's location. In hotels, restaurants, bars and other hospitality businesses, local murals invite guests to immerse themselves in the spirit of the area. In a world of ever increasing competition, businesses, especially in the hospitality industry, need to find ways to stand out and create a memorable and personalized experience for their guests. Visitors appreciate the authenticity and personal touch that local mural wallpapers bring to a space.

Celebrate your area by adorning your business with mural images that showcase the local culture, history and identity. Whether it's iconic landmarks, historical events or the vibrant local scene, these engaging design elements celebrate the essence of your area. From showcasing the scenery to featuring local sports teams, the options are endless.

To learn how to bring local flair to your business design, we’ve gathered some great local wallpaper mural ideas to help get you inspired:

1. Bars & Clubs

Create a trendy and energetic backdrop for your bar or club with a local inspired bar or nightclub mural. For sports bars or venues, consider featuring local sports teams with a custom photo collage mural, or a stadium blueprint mural of an iconic local stadium. On accent walls, add displays of local memorabilia, such as jerseys.

2. Hotels or Airbnbs

Welcome your guests with inviting hotel wallpaper murals that elevate the ambiance of their stay. These can be featured in hotel lobbies, rooms and more. Murals of famous landmarks and famous landscapes, national parks and ski trail map wall murals celebrate the best parts of your hotel’s locale. When selecting furniture, consider sourcing from a local designer or supplier to emphasize the local connection.

3. Restaurants

Whether you own a coffee shop, café or an upscale restaurant, murals can create the ideal dining ambiance. Celebrate your restaurant’s offerings with a food or drink wall mural, or highlight its history with a custom mural of its founders. Wall murals can also feature the cultural influence of your cuisine, such as an Italian wall mural in an Italian restaurant or winery. On other walls, you may want to add additional pictures of the owners, chefs, or framed newspaper articles.

4. Museums, points of historic or local interest

Visuals are the ultimate way to immerse visitors in a place’s history. Transport museum-goers back in time with a custom mural collage of historic local photographs, maps, letters, or postcards. Map murals and vintage photo murals can add a sense of place and historical legacy to any space. Add in framed shadow boxes to display additional local and historical items to engage visitors.

5. Retail

Retail can benefit by adding an eyecatching, photo worthy element to their shop. If you sell locally made products, murals are a great way to highlight their source with pride. This can be done with a city or state wall map, a local city skyline mural, or a custom wallpaper pattern inspired by your state (see our Minnesota Doodle wallpaper mural for inspiration).

Breathe life into your business with the vibrant, one of a kind touch of local murals. It's a transformation that speaks volumes about your business's personality, adding charm and character that captivates guests and keeps them coming back. By celebrating the culture and identity of your city or area, you can connect with your customers on a deeper level, enhancing their overall experience and making your business a memorable destination.

For even more wall design inspiration, you can download a free business idea book, or browse our business case studies to see how other businesses have transformed their spaces. Murals Your Way is happy to help you find the right mural, or even customize an image just for your business. Contact us, request a commercial quote, or give us a call at 866.412.4779 to get started on your project today.