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Bring Mountain Beauty to Your Walls with Ski Trail Murals

Capture the thrill and adventure of skiing with ski trail maps that are informative as well as beautiful. Our collection of trail map wall murals features vibrant designs that truly bring the beauty of the mountains to your interior. Explore the features of your favorite ski slopes with legends pointing out distinct landmarks like lodges, ski runs, and varied terrain. Immerse yourself in some of the largest ski resorts in North America.

Whether you're a skiing or snowboarding enthusiast, trail map wall murals are a unique way to transform your home or business. Embrace the excitement and adventure of winter sports with a wide variety of popular ski resorts. With easy installation and stunning visuals, skiing trail map wallpapers will elevate your space to new heights. Whether you're a newbie or an advanced skier, trail maps are a wonderful way to express your love for skiing.

Choose from a Variety of Ski Resorts

With so many popular ski resort maps to choose from, you can relive your favorite skiing experiences and mountain memories. Our collection features a wide range of United States ski resorts, from California to Colorado and across the East Coast.

  • Revisit your favorite trails from Mount Snow and Stowe Ski Resort in Vermont.
  • Create a statement wall with California's Heavenly Lake Tahoe, Northstar, and Kirkwood Ski Resort trails.
  • Remember the excitement of skiing the trails at Monarch Mountain in Colorado.
  • Explore the East Coast, from Mount Sunapee in New Hampshire to Hunter Mountain in New York.
  • Relive your best memories from Beaver Creek and Vail Ski Resort in Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

Ski Map Wallpapers for Homes

If you're an avid snowboarder or expert skier, express your passion through your home decor with trail map wall murals. Use a trail map wallpaper to decorate a garage where you store sports gear, or as a unique kids bedroom backdrop. Ski trail murals are a great way to add a sense of outdoor adventure to your vacation cabin as well. Show off your favorite ski resort travel destinations in your living room, or feature slopes that are on your bucket list.

Business Wall Decor Ideas with Trail Map Wallpapers

Bring the allure of skiing indoors with ski trail map wall murals in your business. From sporting goods stores to ski chalets, these ski trail map wallpapers will create a unique experience for customers and guests. Discover how trail mural wallpapers can enhance your business's aesthetic and provide a memorable atmosphere.

  • Transform a sporting goods or outdoor [retail store] into a winter wonderland with ski trail map murals. Inspire outdoor enthusiasts while adding beauty to your space.
  • Elevate ambiance in a hotel lobby or guest suites with ski trail map murals. - - Welcome resort guests with a sense of adventure and excitement.
  • Make your vacation rental stand out with ski trail map murals. Create a memorable experience for guests, highlighting the charm of winter sports.
  • Infuse a café or restaurant in a resort town with skiing spirit using ski trail map murals. Transport customers to the slopes while they savor hot beverages.
  • Attract tourists to a resort town's visitor center, using ski trail map murals to showcase the unique features of local trails.
  • Complete the rustic charm of a lodge or ski chalet with ski trail map murals. Provide an informative yet stylish map so skiers know exactly where to go.

Commercial-Grade Ski Map Murals for Businesses

We take pride in the quality of our trail map wall murals. Made with high quality wallpaper materials, our trail map murals are both durable and vibrant. Enjoy the beauty of skiing mountains without any complications with murals that are easy to install and remove. Add a protective matte topcoat for an extra layer of protection for high traffic environments like hotel rooms.

Custom Map Wall Murals

Customize any of our trail map wallpapers to suit the needs of your business or home decor. Have your trail map made to your exact preferences with custom sizing, materials, cropping, and personalization options. With our expert graphics team, we can make your vision a reality by altering the color pallet or adding text. If you have your own trail map, it's easy to Create Your Own custom wallpaper mural using your own image.

Transform Your Wall Decor Today!

Bring the beauty and thrill of skiing into your space today with ski trail map murals and skiing trail map wallpapers. With 40 years of mural printing experience, Murals Your Way can handle custom projects of any size. Contact us today or call us at 866.272.6460 to speak with an Account Manager.

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