Lily Wallpaper for Walls

From the bright orange of tiger lilies to the delicate pinks and whites of waterlilies, lily flowers span numerous shapes and styles, making them an ideal décor element. Whether you prefer the elegant trumpet petals of calla lilies or the wild spirit of mountain dwelling white avalanche lilies, we’re sure to have a lily mural that will accentuate your space and match your style. Explore our collection of lily flower wallpaper murals for styles that span fine art, macro photography, vintage patterns, and more.

Artistic Lily Wall Murals

Lilies have been a source of inexhaustible inspiration for artists over the centuries. From their many colors to the multitudes of shapes different lily species come in, these plants continue to be explored as a motif by artists even to the present day. For a sophisticated feel, consider decorating your home or business with one of Claude Monet’s famous waterlily studies. From the iconic Japanese bridge arching over the water in the Waterlily Pond wallpaper mural to the beautiful pastel purples and pinks of his 1916-19 Water Lilies mural wallpaper, Monet’s paintings of waterlilies make for an eye-catching feature wall. For more ideas of how to incorporate fine art murals into your space, check out our blogpost for customer examples and helpful tips.

Prefer something more contemporary? Many artists have taken a note out of Monet’s sketchbook and have done waterlily studies of their own. A gorgeous maximalist example is interior designer Carrie Schmitt’s Lily Pond wallpaper mural. The bright, abstract shapes of pink lily flowers and green lily pads are outlined in gold paint, giving this artistic mural a luxe but free-spirited feel.

Choosing the Perfect Floral Wall Mural

Whether you’re planning to bedeck your walls with a bouquet that never fades or want a natural element to reinvigorate your space, flower wallpapers and floral murals are a great way to create a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere. For landscapes including lilies alongside other flowers, be sure to also explore our garden mural collection. For something a little more free-spirited, try our assortment of wildflower wallpapers and murals. If your favorite type of lily is waterlilies, our lotus wall murals offer a similar style. If you had a specific style in mind, you can also browse by categories including vintage floral murals, macro flower photograph murals, and floral pattern wallpapers.

Don’t forget you can always Create Your Own custom lily wall mural if you haven’t seen the design you had in mind yet. Our expert team of Account Managers can walk you through our customization options and help you communicate what you had in mind to our in-house graphic design specialists. Need some help getting started? You can contact us or call us at 888.558.0279. We’re here to help!

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