Embrace Nature with Wildflower Wallpaper

The wildflowers that overrun mountain valleys and forest meadows signal the joyful return of spring each year. Instill a free-spirited atmosphere anywhere with a scenic wildflower wall mural. From blue and purple lupines to orange California poppies, explore the variety of flowers nature has to offer with our carefully selected collection of wildflower murals and patterned wildflower wallpaper. Enhance an already awe-inspiring mountain landscape by selecting a mural with the surrounding fields in full bloom, or find a quiet and secluded meadow scene carpeted in wildflowers for a sense of peaceful tranquility in your space.

Hand Painted Wildflower Wall Murals

Wildflowers have been a source of inspiration for artists across the ages. Whether springtime blooms are blanketing the countryside or a painter is studying an arrangement of wildflowers in a vase, there’s something inspiring about the natural bounty of flowers nature provides. From modern patterns like Wildflower and Wildlife Pattern wallpaper to bold and expressive paintings like our Blue Bouquet Flowers mural, wildflower art murals are a creative way to add a natural design element to your home or business.

Famed impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh drew inspiration from his natural surroundings. Add a renewing fine art view of the French countryside to your space with the stylized Field with Poppies mural wallpaper. If you’re looking for a more contemporary aesthetic, consider the maximalist wildflower murals of designer Bari J. like our colorful and busy Flowers wallpaper mural.

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For more styles and selections of flower murals, be sure to explore our other floral wallpaper collections. Find assortments specific to certain types of flowers like cheerful sunflowers, bold poppies, and lovely lilies. If you enjoy the look of flowers outdoors in particular, our garden mural collection is another great place for you to look. For more mountainside views or quiet meadows, you can also check out our scenic mountain landscape murals and our forest scene murals.

Can’t seem to find the wildflower wall mural you had in mind? We’re here to help! Our customization options mean you can alter our existing wildflower designs to suit your needs by changing colors, cropping the image, and mirroring the design, among other services. Or, you can Create Your Own custom wildflower wallpaper. For help getting started, you can contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 to connect with an Account Manager.

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