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Colorful Poppy Flower Wallpapers

A field of red poppies is a truly amazing sight, but did you know they come in different colors as well? Use the strikingly vivid detail of our close-up Patty’s Plum Poppy wallpaper for an elegant and arresting purple accent wall. For something a little brighter, consider one of our many landscapes featuring California’s famed orange poppies. Whether you like the look of a full hillside blanketed in wild orange poppies like in the California Poppy Field mural wallpaper, or prefer an up-close look at the blooms like in the sunny California Poppies wallpaper mural, these bright floral landscape murals are sure to make a memorable impression.

How to Decorate with Poppy Floral Wall Murals

Poppy wall murals are an excellent way to bring nature indoors with you. Renew the energy of your space with a bold and bright red poppy wallpaper, or find a vintage sepia-toned poppy floral wall mural for a more tranquil effect. Whether you’re looking to decorate a small space with a delicate poppy floral pattern or want to surround yourself with a poppy panoramic room wrap, we have a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from.

More Ways to Shop Floral Wallpaper Murals

If you’re not sure which flower you want to showcase in your next floral mural or wallpaper, be sure to explore our other flower mural collections. For a similar shape as poppies, browse our assortment of tulip wallpaper murals. If you’re interested in a free-spirited style, our other wildflower collection is a great place to look. If you want to shop by style, collections like our vintage flower murals, maximalist flower wall murals, or watercolor floral wallpapers are great places to start.

Did you have a specific style of poppies wallpaper in mind that you can’t seem to find? We can help! You can always Create Your Own custom poppies wall mural, or contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 to connect with an Account Manager and get help getting started.

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