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Object And Things Wallpaper

Object wallpaper patterns are a great way to accentuate an established design theme but they can also be the design element you style the rest of the room around. From a black and white Coffee Bean Pattern wallpaper for a café to a free-hand and fun Science Doodle wallpaper mural for a school hallway or classroom, the possibilities are endless especially with our Create Your Own wallpaper option.

Pattern Wallpaper for Kid’s Rooms and Nurseries

Create a fun and engaging aesthetic in a kid’s bedroom or a nursery with a cute and colorful patterned wallpaper. Whether you want to create an interior style centered around a hobby like ballet or basketball or something involving interests like robots, fairytales, dinosaurs, or outer space, our object pattern wallpaper collection has a wide variety of designs to choose from.

Pattern Wallpaper by Theme or Style

Object-centric patterned wallpaper can be a great way to incorporate an interest or hobby into your home décor. Our collection is also a great place to discover some of the best contemporary styles and designs inspired by designers and what our customers ask for.

Nautical Wallpaper

Enhance a coastal design theme or introduce a maritime element to your décor with a nautical wallpaper mural. From contemporary styles including doodles like the Happy Harbor Nautical Pattern wallpaper to retro designs like the Vintage Sailboat Regatta Pattern wallpaper, we have a number of styles and designs to choose from.

Line Art Wallpaper and Doodle Pattern Wallpaper

Simple and stylish, line art wallpaper patterns and doodle wallpapers are perfect for adding a contemporary touch to your space or complementing a modern interior design scheme. Accentuate a beauty-oriented space like a salon or boutique with an abstract face line art wallpaper like the Glamour Face Line Doodle Pattern wallpaper. Add a cute and welcoming element to a social space like a living room or apartment building lobby with a house pattern wallpaper like the crowded Little Town Pattern wallpaper.

Drink & Food Pattern Wallpaper

For culinary themes, whether a restaurant dining room, behind the bar, or in your own kitchen, a food-themed wallpaper or drink pattern wallpaper can add a fun and stylish touch. Create a sommelier’s paradise with a wine wallpaper like the simple and modern Connoisseur Wine Cork wallpaper. Add a playful touch to the space behind the bar, either at home or in a restaurant, with the black and white Sketched Cocktail Pattern wallpaper. Bring a retro vibe to a kitchen or trendy café with a vintage fruit wallpaper like the Retro Fruit Pattern - Summer wallpaper or the Yellow Lemons On Branch wallpaper.

More Ways to Shop Patterns

If you enjoy our collection of object pattern wallpaper murals, be sure to explore our other pattern collections. From animal patterns to floral wallpapers, woodland designs and vintage wallpaper styles, we have a wide array of wallpaper patterns that incorporate animals, natural objects, and more.

Did you have a certain pattern in mind that you can’t seem to find? Don’t forget that aside from customization options, we also allow you to Create Your Own custom wallpaper pattern. To learn more or for help getting started, you can contact us contact us by email or give us a call at 888.558.0279

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