Damask Removable Wallpaper Murals

Damasks were originally a form of weaving, often used during the Middle Ages. This weaving incorporated contrasting patterns, creating beautiful tapestries featured in stately homes. Today, damask designs have a made a comeback and are featured in a variety of ways, but none more popular than wallpaper.

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Damasks a Favorite of Interior Decorators

You've seen the designs before. A wall with a solid-color background and a silhouette of an item patterned throughout. It may be a simple design repeated, or it might be a silhouette of an item, such as a chandelier, printed again and again. Many Victorian designs blend an antique aesthetic with a modern feel. If you choose removable damask wallpaper for a room's décor, your options are almost endless.

Whether you choose demur, classic colors, or bold, contrasting designs, damask wallpaper can be featured in any room in your house. Whether you use it on one wall or all walls, there are many options to match your home's personality. Think outside the box too - damask removable wallpaper might make for the perfect headboard or covering for your favorite chest of drawers.

Which material is removable?

All of our wallpaper products are removable. However, our SmartStick material is a self-adhesive, peel & stick material. This is what people usually think of as "temporary" or "removable" wallpaper, as there is no messy paste to clean up when you remove it.

Be sure to choose "SmartStick" when ordering if you want a peel and stick material.

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