Background Texture Wallpapers of Every Style

Discover textured wall backgrounds of every style, from natural fibers to abstract painted murals. For automotive enthusiasts, our Bustin' Out wall murals series showcases iconic muscle cars and hot rods crashing through brick walls, perfect for garages and man caves. If you're seeking a touch of novelty or nostalgia, our selection includes background murals of vintage speakers, swimming pool floors, video game blocks, and other fun imagery. Whether you want to complement the theme of your business or enhance the decor of a living space, our made-to-order textured wall paper is designed to make a statement.

Natural Texture Wallpapers

Faux textured murals are a cost-effective way to bring the look of expensive natural building materials to your home or business. Our textured background art is made to imitate natural materials like metal, stone, brick, concrete, and wood. For a sophisticated look, a beautiful agate mural or a white marble wallpaper can give your walls a touch of luxury. To give your decor a more urban vibe, we offer brick wallpapers in every color, from white bricks, to red bricks, and more.

Add Depth with 3D Wallpapers

Faux 3D wallpapers are a unique way to give the illusion of depth and structure to your space. With the clever use of light and shadow, the optical illusions produced by 3D wallpapers can really make your walls pop. Our dimensional wallpaper designs feature cars, geometric shapes, and even sharks that look like they're coming right out of the wall. 3D perspective murals that recede into space are a creative way to make a small room appear larger.

Decorating a Home with Faux Texture Wall Murals

Transform a living room, home office, or a bedroom with beautiful textured mural backdrops in every style. Texture murals make it possible to bring unique architectural materials and artistic backgrounds to your space without any hassle. Let your creativity flow with these inspiring ideas for using faux wallpapers in your home.

Textured Background Murals for Businesses

Textured backdrops can benefit all kinds of business types, whether you’re decorating a restaurant, office, or a medical building. Create a trendy and stylish environment in a corporate office, or foster a calming ambiance in a spa or wellness center. Whether you want to make your wall decor more modern or inviting, textured wall murals can elevate any business environment.

  • Enhance the sophistication of a fine dining restaurant with a Patterned Tile mural for an elegant and luxurious feel.
  • Make a contemporary statement in a conference room with the 3D Brushed Metal Hexagon mural for a sleek and modern look.
  • Bring a calming ambiance to a spa with a stone agate wall mural. Using the Jasper Galaxy Wall mural as a backdrop can provide a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere.
  • Create a faux wood mural accent wall to give visual interest to a retail store. The organic textures and earthy tones will give the space a touch of natural warmth.

Custom Texture Wall Murals

Can't find the type of textured mural that you have in mind? With our Create Your Own background wall mural option, you have the freedom to turn your own design into custom wallpaper. Choose the size, material, and other personalization options to create a mural that is tailored specifically to your vision.

The Benefits of Texture Backdrops from Murals Your Way

Installing our textured wall murals is a breeze with wallpaper materials that are easy to apply and remove. Our SmartStick peel and stick wallpaper makes a perfect removable wallpaper for renters and temporary uses. By ordering from Murals Your Way, you also receive the benefit of our Love it Guarantee and free shipping on all orders within the contiguous United States.

Our team is here to assist you every step of the way to ensure a seamless ordering experience. For questions and assistance, our knowledgeable team is ready to help. Contact us or call 888-558-0279 for guidance selecting the perfect textured wall mural for your space.

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