Customized Wall Mural Room Wraps

Are you looking to make a truly unique statement with your home or business decor? Murals Your Way has the wall solution you're looking for -- room wrap wallpaper murals! Our custom wall wraps can fully immerse your space in stunning visuals, transporting all who see it to completely new environments. Room wraps can have a lasting impact on your customers and guests, leaving them talking long after their visit.

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Wrap Your Entire Room in a Wall Mural

Transport your clientele, family or guests to fun new locations with a custom designed wall wrap. Choose from whimsical child-friendly wall graphics, from under the sea to an enchanted forest to a colorful candy land!

Room wraps can cover the entirety of a room, or just one wall with eye-catching artwork. You can even personalize your room wrap wall mural with your company logo, child's name, or fun custom phrases. Have your custom wall wrap paper printed to the exact size of your space with our made-to-order wall decals.

Room Wraps for Businesses and Homes

If your business serves children, easily create an inviting atmosphere with our kid-friendly room wrap wallpapers. Room wrap murals are a perfect way to provide an enriching environment for children in a business, especially:

In your home, kids' room wraps can also transform your child's space with their whimsical visuals. A wall wrap for a bedroom or playroom is an impactful way to encourage creativity and play.

Removable Full-Room Wall Coverings

For a non-permanent option, Murals Your Way offers convenient removable room wraps for temporary installs. Our SmartStick® peel-and-stick vinyl wall murals are easy to apply and remove without damaging your walls. Our detachable wall wrap vinyl can create the perfect atmosphere for open houses, museum exhibits, company parties and other events.

Customize Your Room Wrap

Concerned about fitting a mural wrap around windows and doors? Not to worry, our creative design team can also customize mural wraps to fit around the elements of your room. Need to fit a bedroom wall mural on an oddly shaped wall, or place an office mural around existing cabinets? Simply provide the measurements and the Murals Your Way creative design team will do the rest.