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Which Wall Mural Material Should I Choose?

All of our wall mural and wallpaper materials are high quality, commercial-grade wall coverings. However, each one has its own unique merits that make it better for certain applications. Refer to the table below to see which of our materials will best fit your space.

Eco Bella™ Prepasted SmartStick® Vinyl HD - Texture VersaGrip Frosted Window Film
Bathroom ✔*
Dining Room
Family & Game
Home Gym ✔* ✔*
Home Office
Kids Room ✔* ✔ *
Kitchen ✔*
Living Room
Outdoor Space

*Protective Topcoat recommended

Are you looking for a mural with texture?

Do you want it to look like a photograph or more like a painting?

What is the lighting?

Does your wall have a texture?

  • For lightly textured walls (orange peel, knock-down), we recommend our Eco Bella™ or Vinyl HD - Texture materials. Prepasted Wallpaper and Smartstick® are NOT recommended for walls with texture.
  • If you have a heavily textured wall, a wood-paneled wall, a wall made from cinder block, or any other rough surface, we recommend the installation of a 'liner paper', followed by 2 coats of flat latex paint prior to installing your mural. A liner paper is simply blank wallpaper which covers irregularities in the wall surface allowing the wall mural to adhere securely to the textured wall.

Do you need a fire rating?

Will children be in contact with the mural?

  • For kids' rooms, we recommend our Eco Bella™ material or Prepasted Wallpaper, as they are our most durable options. A protective topcoat may be applied to Prepasted Wallpaper for further protection.

Are you installing the mural in a high traffic area or area where it will need to be cleaned frequently?

  • If your mural is going to be in a high traffic area or area where it will need to be cleaned frequently, we recommend our Eco Bella™ material, as it is our most durable option. Our Prepasted Wallpaper, Vinyl HD - Texture, and Smartstick® may also be used with the addition of a protective topcoat. Please note that if you choose topcoat for our Prepasted Wallpaper, the removal is not as clean as without topcoat and may cause damage to your wall.

Are you hiring an installer?

  • It is common that professional wallpaper installers prefer to work with a wall covering that requires wallpaper paste. Eco Bella™ and Vinyl HD - Texture both require paste and are great options. Prepasted Wallpaper has a water activated adhesive backing and Smartstick® has a sticky backing (no paste). Check with your installer to see what materials they are comfortable installing.

Is the mural a temporary installation?

  • Our Smartstick® material is often chosen for temporary applications because it is self-adhesive, so there is no paste to clean up when you remove it.
  • Grommets can be added to our [/answers/canvas-wallpaper-mural-material) material, so that you can hang your mural using the grommets, and move it whenever you would like. Just contact an account representative to have grommets added to your canvas mural.

Are you looking for a mural to go on a window or glass surface?
We have two great choices for window and glass applications.

  • Our Window Films are perfect for interior walls as well as for windows and glass graphics. Window Films are available in Clear, Matte White and Frosted.
  • Our Window Perf is another great option for indoor and outdoor signs as well as window graphics. Window Perf is available in different opacities - 80%/20%, 70%/30%, and 60%/40%.

We also carry several special order materials that can be found at the bottom of our materials page. Please call 888-558-0279 for more information about these materials.

If you still have questions, please contact us and we can help you choose the material that is best for your home or business.

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