Wall Murals & Wallpaper For Dental Offices

Make a calm and comforting space with a custom wall mural. It’s an easy way to create an inviting atmosphere and positive experience for patients of all ages. From kid-friendly prints to soothing nature scenes, there’s an image to fit any practice’s looks and needs.

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Why Work With Murals Your Way?

Dental Office Wall Murals & Pediatric Dental Wall Decor

Whether pediatric, orthodontic, or anything in-between, it is important to make your dental office as relaxing as possible. After all, it’s the first opportunity to make an impression on patients. Create a calm and comforting space with a custom wall mural. Murals Your Way offers hundreds of images to fit your dental practice’s look – from kid-friendly prints to soothing nature scenes.

Part of creating a welcoming environment in your dental office is effective and clear signage, which helps patients get to where they’re going quickly and easily. Wayfinding murals are a great strategy for making a dental office that is easy to navigate. For more information about effective wayfinding strategies and examples on how to implement them, check out our blog post about wayfinding murals.

Quality Wallpaper Murals Made to Last

At Murals Your Way, we provide numerous options for sizes, images, materials, and personalization. Our most durable materials, Eco Bella™ – Texture and Vinyl HD – Texture, are ideal for high-traffic areas or where frequent cleaning is needed. Add even more protection with topcoat, a clear, matte polyurethane finish. It aids against scratches and makes cleaning the mural even easier. With help from Murals Your Way, dentists can rest assured that their practice is a space where patients feel comfortable.

MicroBloc Antimicrobial Topcoat for Dental Clinics

Your dental practice sees a lot of people over the course of the day. Help increase the longevity of your mural wallpaper by adding our MicroBloc Antimicrobial Topcoat to your order. Not only does MicroBloc protect your mural’s surface against daily wear and tear, it also helps prevent the growth of unwanted microbes such as bacteria, mold, fungi, and mildew. Keep your mural looking fresh and clean with our MicroBloc topcoat. MicroBloc can be applied to our Prepasted Wallpaper, SmartStick peel-and-stick and Vinyl HD-Texture wall mural materials. 

Frosted Window Films for Dental Offices

Create an added sense of privacy by covering glass windows and glass doors in your dental practice with murals printed on our Frosted Window Film. The matte, opaque finish of the window film allows light in while obstructing the details of the room beyond. From scenic forests to tropical underwater reefs, find a mural that highlights your office’s decor scheme while creating a welcoming private environment for your patients.

Looking for Dental Office Design Ideas?

Our dental wallpaper murals are an easy way to create an inviting atmosphere for patients of all ages. Plus, our customization features make it easier than ever to add your own logo, fonts, and themes to your mural wallpaper.

For more inspiration and help selecting the perfect wall murals for your dental office, connect with a Murals Your Way Sales Associate today by contacting us or calling us at 888.558.0279. Be sure to ask for volume discounts if you are ordering several murals.

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