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What is a Fresco Mural?

The term fresco describes a historic mural technique of painting on dried or wet plaster. Popular during the Italian Renaissance, many masterpieces that grace the walls of cathedrals, palaces, and historic structures used this painting technique. Since antiquity, artisans have utilized many types of fresco techniques to produce stunning wall and ceiling murals. Methods ranged from wet plaster painting, to "mezzo fresco murals" on partially dried plaster, to "fresco secco" murals on dry plaster.

Since ancient times, techniques for creating wall murals have come a long way. Our custom printed murals allow you to efficiently bring the beauty of historic frescoes to your own interior design. Fresco wallpapers are easy to install, providing an effortless way to infuse your decor with the elegance of classic mural paintings. Printed on high-quality materials, our wallpaper murals faithfully reproduce the rich colors and details of famous frescoes.

Divine Ceiling Frescoes & Ceiling Wallpapers

Immerse your space floor-to-ceiling in classic grandeur, using fresco ceiling wallpapers from world famous cathedral ceilings and church buildings. These awe-inspiring ceiling murals feature everything from dramatic religious murals and mythological scenes, to whimsical murals of winged cherubs. With scenes painted to represent the heavens, a fresco ceiling design can give your decor an inspiring touch of the divine.

Ceiling frescoes are a truly unique way to transform a room, elevating your interior to new heights. Whether you have a flat ceiling or a vaulted ceiling, fresco murals can give any room a remarkable sense of dimension. Frescoes can be paired with ceiling accents like ornate light fixtures or exposed beams for an even greater level of elegance.

Fresco Murals for Homes and Businesses

Fresco murals are an inspiring way to infuse artistry into your decor, making a beautiful addition to both homes and business. From office buildings to living spaces, these classic masterpieces can turn a wall or ceiling into a work of fine art. The frescoes of the great masters will bring artistic brilliance to any space, whether it's a hotel, restaurant, bedroom, or entryway.

Customize Your Fresco Wall Art or Fresco Ceiling mural

At Murals Your Way, we give you the tools to create a custom mural masterpiece. That's why we offer a range of options to personalize your fresco mural. Personalize our licensed fresco wall murals, or bring a custom mural idea to life with the help of our graphics team.

We provide custom sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your space, and your choice of high-quality wallpaper materials. For temporary uses, we also offer removable wallpaper options like our Pre-pasted wallpaper and SmartStick peel and stick wallpaper. Our fresco wallpaper murals are designed for easy installation and are shipped free within the contiguous United States.

More Ways to Shop Fine Art Frescoes

Looking for more ways to bring artistry to your wall decor? For more famous paintings and drawings from the masters, explore our Fine Art murals. If you have a specific artist in mind, you can also shop by artist. Classic art enthusiasts will also enjoy the romantic etched landscapes of our engraved landscape wall murals. To feature more of the rich paintings and architecture of Italy, view our inspiring Italian wall murals.

If you need assistance in choosing the right mural or have any questions, our knowledgeable team is here to help. Let Murals Your Way be your creative partner in bringing the magic of fine art frescoes into your home or business. Contact us today at 888-558-0279, and together, we'll create a custom wall mural that leaves a lasting impression. Elevate your space with the timeless beauty of fresco wall murals.

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